Philly Makes Week 4

Here’s a little teaser preview of what I’ve been working on this week.  Check out the Philly Makes!  blog today to see the full version:


Yes, I still make stuff!  Actually, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the direction I’d like to see my work go this year, ya know, with all my spare time & all.  No, seriously, you can stop laughing now.  This little piece is just the tip of the iceberg…. while I have more ideas than I have time right now, I’m hoping that will change soon.  Maybe the time management fairy will bestow upon me her worldly wisdom…  Or maybe I’ll just put on another pot of coffee.  Sleep is so overrated, anyway.


Spring: A Study in Yellow & Green

Yesterday was absolutely glorious in these parts of the country, so I took the opportunity to snap some evidence of spring before it gets cold again:


It’s colder today, but I’m feeling hopeful that these warm days will be coming back to visit sooner rather than later. 


And I guess these would be a study in gray & brown?  That tree’s been making eyes at me…



Most Prized Possession

Bill gave this photo to me for my birthday.  I love it, and I’m impressed that he was actually able to get them to all sit still together for more than 2 seconds…


Philly Makes! Week 2

I’ve been cooking a lot lately, and cooking a lot of vegetables at that. While one of my goals is to drop some poundage (this body’s not going back to the way it was without a fight!), my ultimate objective is health and nutrition.  So, my contribution this week to Philly Makes! is a recipe for Veggie Burgers- they’re quick, healthy, and way better than the store bought variety.  Click on over & check it out!

The Chirds Are Birping

Ah, spring.  We’ve all been longing for it, especially with the little ‘teaser’ warm days we’ve been peppered with over the past several weeks.  The large rhododendron bush that sits outside our kitchen window has been been transformed into an ornithological apartment building, taking on more and more tenants every morning.   I’ve caught several glimpses of the first robins in our yard, fresh back from their winter havens.  Sweet and downy cotton-tailed rabbits have come out of hiding.  We’ve even seen the tulip and narcissus bulbs that were planted last fall begin to pierce through our mulch beds with the promise of a colorful show to come.  And my favorites, the crocuses, have already started to bloom:












Aren’t they just so happy and cheerful?  They really have a way of lifting my spirits, especially on the colder days, when it seems like winter will never end– there are the crocuses, with their happy salute… until…

Those adorable, cute and fuzzy cottontails ATE them, leaving little more than a memory and some stubby little stems as evidence of the mass decapitation:


FOR REAL!  I love me some cute & fuzzy bunnies, but if they don’t stop, I’m gonna have to whip out some serious Elmer Fudd on their asses…



Philly Makes!

So, with the failure of my commitment to Thing-A-Day in February (will I ever stop talking about this?) I mentioned that I would be participating in the more manageable/reasonable Thing-A-Week, via the Philly Makeswebsite.  Basically, this is a group of Philadelphia area artists & crafters that have committed to posting a weekly project that they’ve either made or are in the process of making.

The beauty of it is, you can check back for daily inspirations, because everyone posts on a different day.  It just so happens that my day is today- Tuesday!  So check out Philly Makes  daily to see what we’re all up to, and to maybe get some great ideas!

“Truly You Have a Dizzying Intellect”


Wyatt, bringing me one of his toy sheep from the Playmobil Nativity Set:



Wyatt:      “Mom– he crying.”

Me, in my softest, most concerned voice:      “Why is he crying?”

Wyatt:      “Because he not happy”.

Me:      “Why isn’t he happy?”

Wyatt:      “Because he sad”.

Me:       “Why is he sad?

Wyatt:      “Because he crying…”