Most Prized Possession

Bill gave this photo to me for my birthday.  I love it, and I’m impressed that he was actually able to get them to all sit still together for more than 2 seconds…



9 Responses

  1. Your three boys are so cute! Great photo!

    Oh, and a side note – you should take a look at this and see if you’d be interested. I know you are crazy busy with the kids, but it would give you some exposure. It’s a fairly new site, created by one of my favorite bloggers.

  2. Awesome pic, but Jackson looks a little nerevous between his two brothers. Lol.

  3. i can totally see where the most prized possession comes into play…

    they are the sweetest boys ever!

  4. It a lovely picture. I like it that you can see the boys baby teeth. (That Bill is such a good boy!)

  5. How sweet! The little guy is getting so big.

  6. That is a great shot. It’s nice that you see a little of each of you in those 3 beautiful faces. You’ve got your hands full, the boy-energy vibrates in that shot, even from the littlest one.

  7. What a lucky mommy. Your boys are so handsome.

  8. And did he coordinate their outfits on purpose?

  9. This is exactly why I came today…looking for new pics of the kids, this is awesome, btw, happy belated b-day!

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