The Chirds Are Birping

Ah, spring.  We’ve all been longing for it, especially with the little ‘teaser’ warm days we’ve been peppered with over the past several weeks.  The large rhododendron bush that sits outside our kitchen window has been been transformed into an ornithological apartment building, taking on more and more tenants every morning.   I’ve caught several glimpses of the first robins in our yard, fresh back from their winter havens.  Sweet and downy cotton-tailed rabbits have come out of hiding.  We’ve even seen the tulip and narcissus bulbs that were planted last fall begin to pierce through our mulch beds with the promise of a colorful show to come.  And my favorites, the crocuses, have already started to bloom:












Aren’t they just so happy and cheerful?  They really have a way of lifting my spirits, especially on the colder days, when it seems like winter will never end– there are the crocuses, with their happy salute… until…

Those adorable, cute and fuzzy cottontails ATE them, leaving little more than a memory and some stubby little stems as evidence of the mass decapitation:


FOR REAL!  I love me some cute & fuzzy bunnies, but if they don’t stop, I’m gonna have to whip out some serious Elmer Fudd on their asses…




3 Responses

  1. Duck Season!

  2. Wow~ You have blooming tulips before me, and I am waaaay down in AL…. gotta be warmer down here.
    There really is something about flowers blooming at the first of spring.. makes everything seem so cheerful!!
    Good luck with those bunnies.

  3. The way to keep the bunnies away is to put human hair around your flowers. Not a lot just whatever is in your hair brush. You can put the hair in a little sack but make sure the smell can get out. Nylons work well. Just put the hair in, cut the nylons & close up the end (sew it , staple it,…). Throw the pouch at the base of the flowers that are getting eaten & the human smell will keep the rabbits away! Good luck!

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