A Week in Words

snownami · cold · baking · sewing · sinus infection · pediatrician · no school · homemade valentines · cabin fever · uno · jello jigglers · spaghetti · snow · shovelling · back aches · mahna, mahna · giant cookies…mmmm · pj’s · couch cushion fort · netflix · paul blart, mall cop · legos · laptop · work from home · baby shower · lasagne · candy hearts · tylenol · holy cow, more snow! · jackson’s first steps · bruises · bumped heads · hide and seek ·  bunco · glitter glue · baby quilt · panda bear pants · cuddles · down comforter · sick kitty · the monster at the end of this book · target · score! alton brown tickets! · superbowl · go saints · snow puddles · inside voice, please! · don’t hit your brother · wipe your feet · the “incident” with the hair clippers · stop hitting your brother · cordon bleu · yuck! I’m not eating that! · wyatt, don’t touch the computer · bologna · IF YOU HIT YOUR BROTHER ONE MORE TIME I’M GOING TO EXILE YOU TO ANTARTICA!!!


Turkey, Murkey, Fo’ Furkey

Today is the day we give thanks.  Today is the day we relax, kick back, enjoy family, and stuff ourselves like no other day all year.  Traditionally, Thanksgiving was celebrated as a way to give thanks for the bountiful harvest that nature afforded the early settlers.

I do not even attempt to cook Thanksgiving dinner.  I usually do my part by bringing some type of side dish and a dessert.  This year, I opted for the candied sweet potatoes and this bad boy:

Yes, that is a pie.  Nothing says “Happy Thanksgiving” like an apple pie on ‘roids.  Eight, that’s right, eight extra large Granny Smith apples were stuffed into this thing, and, while it did settle down a bit after baking, it still carries with it quite a presence:

Ahhhh, let the gluttony begin…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Halloween 2009

I’ve always been a fan of more classic costumes, so I was happy when my older two wanted to be a skeleton & a mummy… the little guy rounds out the ghoulish trio as frank… 



Happy Halloween everyone! 



Mmm… Mmm… Mmmmmmm

After some screaming and tears this morning, we managed to get out the door in time to get Wyatt to his first Pre-School Halloween parade.  I have always been a fan of the homemade costume, but this year I decided I was going to give myself a break and not stress out over making costumes on top of all the craft show stuff I’ve got going on.   That is, until Wyatt told me he wanted to be a mummy….

Sounds fairly simple, just rip up some old sheets and wrap him up in it.  I won’t go into details, but it was NOT that simple!  I was able to put something together last night, and wouldn’t you know it, this morning he refused to wear it!  Once I convinced him to try on the pants, he was more willing to put on the rest, and all was right in our spooky little world again.

Summer Re-Cap

new swing set · ambulance ride · x-rays · body cast · bubbles · sidewalk chalk · parade · scrambling for candy · firetrucks ·  frozen berry pie · baptism · ice pops · picnics on the front lawn · bee stings · 4th of July · backyard bbq · moon bounce · sno cones · baseball games · frisbee · swimming in mr. jones’ pool · collecting cicada shells · picking dandelions · neighborhood walks · wheelchair rides · stepping in dog poop · rita’s water ice · library books · zucchini · blendy paints · sleeping on the pull out · catching lightning bugs · s’mores · big wheels · couch cushion forts · razor scooters · birthday party on the farm · pony rides · pb&j · feeding the bunnies · down the shore · sandcastles · boogie boards · swimming at night · thunderstorm · torrential downpour · boardwalk · maui dog · log flume · sand rash · kohr bros. · miniature golf · salt water taffy · turtle birthday party · sunburn · crabbing · dilapidated screen porch · tanner’s · jackson stopped growing · poison ivy · slip & slide · abandoned breastfeeding · jackson started growing again · sketchbooks · paint · overdue haircuts · kindergarten camp · molting dog · I spy · cherry tomatoes · reflux · potty training · water guns · wet pants · spit up · throwing rocks · hopscotch · poison ivy · wrestling · sunsets · pirate ship playground · double rainbow · window fans · praying mantises · flashlights · sprinkler · airplane museum · ice cream party · playing tag · weeds! weeds! weeds! · broken oven · climbing trees · sibling rivalry · building dinosaur models ·  poison ivy · meltdowns · maggots! eek! · bothersome smell · new schoolbag · name tags · bus fumes · crosswalks · helicopters landing · first day of school · tears of nostalgia & pride


Wow, I didn’t mean to be away that long! Sorry, to anyone who is still checking in on me, I guess the days have been filling up, it’s difficult to find the time to write. A short update:

Max’s cast is off, has been for a couple of weeks now. He is getting around amazingly- he has a limp, but it doesn’t hold him back from doing much. I’m sure his doctor would be thrilled he’s back to climbing trees and various playground equipment. He should have the limp for a few months. If he still has it by Halloween, I’m thinking of dressing him up as the Hunchback of Notre Dame…

Throughout this ordeal, I have been both amazed and at times overwhelmed by the kindness of others. So many friends, family, and kind people who care about us checked in on Max, brought/sent him wonderful gifts and things to keep him active during his healing process. Melinda even sent him the most amazing books from across the pond! Thanks, Melinda! (Dr. Dog is now a part of our daily repertoire- perfect for boys).

Anyway, this experience has made me realize that kindness is really something that the world needs more of. And it’s something that I need to work on, because I really think I’ve been more of a taker lately, and it’s time to switch gears and give a little back. I’m not talking about giving things so much, but giving of myself & my time.

Speaking of kindness, check out this absolutely gorgeous pin cushion the sweet and multi-talented Elizabeth from Creative Breathing sent to us:


Is this not the sweetest thing ever??? The detail is exquisite. Elizabeth, you are an inspiration on so many levels. If you’re not familiar, she has the sweetest blog chock full of the most fascinating, well told stories, beautiful photos, and amazing projects.

The inpiration to blog hasn’t been there very much as of late, but I’m going to make a much more concerted effort to blog more. It’s been difficult, but I can feel my focus starting to return a little. Thanks for the kindness, the inspiration, and the concern. I will do my best to pay it forward.

My House is Full of Sevens…

Oh, there’s the doorbell
Let’s see who’s out there

seven at the door

Oh, it’s a seven
Hello, seven
Won’t you come in, Seven?
Make yourself at home.

Hey, who’s that other guy?
Is that your friend there?

seven at the door 2

“Oh, that’s just Seven”
Another seven
Hello, Seven
Won’t you come in as well?
Now who would like some cake?
(“I would like some cake.”)
(“Me too!”)

What’s that at window?

sevens at the window

A whole bunch of sevens
They’re coming in now
And there’s a lot of them
And down the chimney too
(“Hey guys, come on in!”)
I bet they want some cake
“We want cake! Where’s our cake?”


My house is full of sevens
They’re filling up the living room
Sliding down the banister
Talking on the telephone
Inviting over more sevens
(“It’s a green house at the end of the block”)
I’m running out of cake.
“We want cake! Where’s our cake?”

My house is full of sevens
“We want cake! Where’s our cake?”
Lots and lots of sevens
“We want cake! Where’s our cake?”
Many more are stopping by
Sevens add and multiply
There’s only way to subtract them:
Let them eat up all the cake

A fun morning was inspired by this song and spawned by my husband. Seriously, if you don’t already have this album, I highly recommend it, whether you have kids or not… I do find myself listening to it even when the kids are napping… but it has inspired many a silly moment while they are awake, too!