A Hallowed Occasion

Well, we’re here, the big day.  I basically had one work week to pull the boys’ costumes together, and, although I was forced to use WAY more duct tape that I had hoped, I think they came out ok.  I think I mentioned before that Max wanted to be a robot.  I decided to stay away from the cardboard box look, although, in retrospect, it probably would’ve saved me a lot of time, aggravation, and money.  Do you know how difficult it is to find silver fabric?  Yes, it had to be silver.  The only thing I could find was this heavy, quilted fabric that I think is used for making things heat-safe.  I normally am very enthusiastic about Halloween costume-making, but I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a project more.  This stuff was such a P.I.A. to work with, and made a complete mess that it sucked all my enthusiasm very early on.  At least if he has a meltdown, we know he won’t combust.  I just kept picturing his beaming, proud face once he got to put the whole outfit on & show everybody, and it made it all worth it.  We got a battery operated LED light for the front panel, which Max could hardly contain himself over, and, as a surprise, LED Christmas lights to go around the edges.   Here he is, my little robotic oven mitt:


This shot shows his lights a little better.  I love the look on his face:

Wyatt’s costume, on the other hand, was almost too easy.  After much hemming & hawing over whether he would be a garden gnome or Frankenstein, Frankie won out:



All I had to make was the mask.  I got his jacket from a local thrift store (I think it might be for a girl- shhh) and dyed it dark blue, since it was originally heather gray which just didn’t seem fitting for a proper ghoul.  It’s just a wee bit too small, but it said 3T!  Oh well, hopefully he’ll at least keep the mask on long enough to get some good loot.


I made some delicious eyeball treats for Max’s school party, courtesty of Bakerella‘s cake pop recipe.  I couldn’t get the chocolate coating nearly as smooth as she does, but I think it kind of added to the creepiness of them.  I added red food coloring to the insides for extra grossness, and “painted” the irises & pupils with tinted melted chocolate.  Hopefully the pre-schoolers won’t be too traumatized to eat them.  They were fun to make, and absolutely delicious:



All Dressed Up for the Party

All Dressed Up for the Party



I hope everyone out there has a fun, safe, and Happy Halloween!  😛



WAY TO GO PHILLIES- 2008 WORLD SERIES CHAMPS!!  The whole town is doing a happy dance.  I was in such a state of anticipation last night, I almost threw up.  It was a weird & wacky ride, but thank goodness they won, I don’t think I could’ve waited through another game!

On another note, I have officially put all of my handbags left from the shows in the shop this morning.  I’m also putting the baby stuff in there slowly, but since it’s harder to photograph, AND I’m still in the midst of finishing Halloween costumes, it could take a few more days.  The monkey onesie is there, though.

That’s all for today- tomorrow is a very big day in this house- I can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on…

Toodles 🙂

Um…. Excuse me, Mother Nature?

This is the view outside my front door today, October 28th at noon:

oct 28 out my front door

And out my side window:

oct 28 out my side window

For anyone who is following the World Series, you know that last night’s game was postponed in the 6th inning due to the messy rain conditions. At this time, they still don’t know when they’ll be able to resume   They’ve rescheduled the game for Wednesday night. I’m not sure, but I don’t think any World Series has ever been stopped mid-game due to rain…. now I guess they can add SNOW to the list of weather factors? Can they officially call this a snow delay?

How blogging has affected my marriage

This is the conversation the other night in my house, after the kids were in bed.

Bill:  I’m running to the store for milk, do you need anything?”

 Me:  “Ummm…. no, I don’t think so.”

 Bill:  “I was just wondering, in case you wanted a Snickers Bar or something”.

 Me:  “Well… <thinking>….. I wouldn’t be upset if one happened to make it’s way home with you”.

 Bill:  “Enough said”.

This conversation led to me daydreaming of peanut-chocolatey goodness for the next 15 minutes or so as I waited for his return from the store.  Then, I finally heard the front door creak open, and the rustle of a plastic bag.  One by one, the footsteps up the steps got louder and louder. The door to my sewing room opened, and Bill promptly deposited a pack of Ho-Ho’s on my work table. 

Me:  “What’s that?  Where’s my Snickers bar?”

Bill:  “Well… these were six for a dollar, and the Snickers were, like, 79 cents each”.

Me:   “You don’t tell a woman you’re bringing home a Snickers, and then come home with HO-HO’S!!… Much less a PREGNANT woman!!!   You are SOOOO getting blogged about”.

And the winner is…

#20!!  Congrats to Sheila!  Woo-hoo!  I’m excited for you!  Please email me your contact information when you get a chance & I’ll get you squared away with your booty.  The email you left with your comment does not seem to be valid.  I will share what the prize is with everyone on Monday.

And to everyone else- muchos gracias for all of your GREAT tips- now I have no excuses to not be clean, organized, and well fed (and now I also know how to clean my guns).

All this crafting has put me in a holiday kind of mood, and I anticipate getting into the “giving” season, so check back for some more fun giveaways/contests in the future.  Thanks for playing, and for some, thanks for de-lurking- it’s nice to know ya’ll.

Politics and Religion- Oh Boy!

Just kidding…. no offense to anyone, but I’m quite weary of the above two topics.  All this bickering is making my head hurt.  I don’t agree with every idea out there, but I’m not going to try to sway your hard earned opinions just because it suits MY agenda better.  That’s just my own personal stance.  It’s ok if you disagree.  I will say this much:  Please don’t assume that because I don’t share my opinion means that I don’t have one.  And, to quote Forrest Gump, “That’s all I have to say about THAT!”

Anyway, don’t forget you have until 8 p.m. EST TONIGHT to get your tips entered into the giveaway for a special prize which is still yet to be announced.  Keep ’em coming!

Oh, and

GO PHILLIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey, great tips everyone!!  I’m so excited I’m getting so many good ideas for getting my life in order, especially before the new little one arrives.  Keep the tips coming– don’t forget, you still have until 8 p.m. EST on Friday, 10/24 to get your entry in for the giveaway (see the previous Potluck post if you haven’t already).

Also, some of the hats are now available in the shop!  I will be adding more later this week, but I need to take a few more pictures of the newer ones, and with the kids wearing them as well.  I also would like to list some pandas & white bunnies, but I’m currently out of white fleece, so they might need to wait until this weekend when I can get to the fabric store… oh dear, another trip to the fabric store….