Snow Day ~ Giant Cookies

Like most of those on the NE Corridor, we are  in the midst of  snownami 2010, which equates to very excited little boys bouncing off the walls at 6 o’clock in the morning.  Good thing I’m a morning person!Anyway, in addition to the digging out and snow play that will be happening, one of my favorite things to do on a cold, blustery, wet, or otherwise nasty day outside is to bake.  It’s something that the kids enjoy doing with me, and, * BONUS *, you’re left with something yummy when all’s said & done.  Since I volunteered to bring something in for Wyatt’s pre-school Valentine’s party tomorrow, I was already prepared for some time in the kitchen. 

When  Jackson turned one last month, his birthday fell on a Wednesday.  To make it easier on everyone, we decided to have a brunch on the Sunday before to celebrate, complete with cake, ice cream, singing, etc.  That left us with the question of what to do on his actual birthday.  I didn’t want to do a whole other cake, but I also wanted to celebrate in some small way, too.  At some point I thought it would be fun to try making one of those giant cookies that you get at the mall.  It couldn’t be that difficult, right?  And my favorite go-to website for all things recipe-related, All Recipes, just happened to deliver on my search request of “giant cookie”

So, check out the link for the recipe, I won’t bother to re-post it here.  Be sure to check out the reviews for alternate ideas/tips.  I did take one person’s suggestion of baking it in a cake pan to achieve perfect roundness and even baking, but this does make it turn out more like a bar cookie than, well, a cookie-cookie.  Today, we are going to try out a heart-shaped variation, with my cool new heart-shaped silicon bake pan alá Targét.  I’ll try to post pictures when we’re done.  For now, here’s the Jackson version:

I have to say, it was super easy, and SO delicious!  I used a recipe I had on hand to make the icing, and pulled out my Wilton pastry tips, but honestly, store-bought frosting works just as well, if not better.  I tinted mine with some food coloring & piped it through a freezer bag with the pastry tip on the end. 

One more thing: you don’t need the icing, or an event for that matter, to enjoy these cookies!  If anyone tries them, I’d love to hear how they turn out.

******** Updated 2/14/10 *******  Here is our Valentine’s cookie:

We used candy hearts and “glued” them on with icing globs.  Too bad Wyatt’s party was cancelled due to the snow storm…. it totally sucked that we had to eat it ourselves…


Family time

Some families read together, some ride bikes.  Still, others maybe play board games or sports.  We do those things, too, but when we’re really itchin’ for some fun we make…..




faux hawks



Nothin’ says family bonding like some shared product and spikey fun…



Passing the torch

Today is Max’s last day of Preschool.  I can’t believe how fast it went.  Now that I’ve become accustomed to having him in school two days a week, I’m faced with the challenge of how to keep him entertained all summer.  Two days a week doesn’t seem like a lot, especially since it’s only for a few hours at a time, but it does help break up the day/week.   I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun over the summer, but it is somewhat difficult to “stay fresh” & keep both him & his brother occupied & engaged.  I would like to say I have a whole list of things planned, places to go, and activities to keep their minds active.  The truth is, this list consists of a trip to the zoo.   I did get my requested copy of The Creative Family  for Mother’s Day, so I will definitely be hitting that up for some ideas. 

Sadly, though, my kids don’t seem to be bitten by the creative bug.  Part of the reason I have not posted anymore “Kids Crafty” features, is that I cannot get them to finish one single project!  Ok, I know, they’re only 4 and not quite 2, and maybe my expectations are a little high at this point, but it’s not like I’m trying to get them to build the world’s largest LEGO tower  or anything.  Hmmm…. a room full of half-finished craft projects…. sounds strangely familiar.   I guess they get their craft A.D.D. from me.

Anyway, as we get ready for his last day, I think about how much he’s grown this year.  His language skills and ability to carry on an intelligent conversation (even if it is dominated by superheroes and their various powers/weapons) has grown tremendously.  He has passed the side-by-side play for more engaged playtime with his friends.  Over the past few months he has blossomed into such a pleasure to be around.  He still has his tantrums, but nowhere near what he used to, and he takes being told “no” so much better, it’s almost like I have someone else’s child.  True, we’re still dealing with some issues, but I have to remain confident that they will resolve themselves when he is good and ready. 

Someone once told me the terrible two’s don’t go away until sometime during the age of four.  I guess this theory held up for Max, just in time for his little brother to step in & take over.  While Max’s past few months have shown such strides in his personality, Wyatt has hit terrible two-ness with a vengeance. Again, it’s like someone switched kids with me in the middle of the night.  Let me just tell you– if you’re ever around Wyatt and a banana, you’d better hope & pray it doesn’t break, because hell hath no fury like a little boy whose banana just broke.

At least I know this “phase” will pass, even if it does take two & a half years or so….


Anyway, here are Max’s teacher’s gifts:

They started out as lunchboxes, but I guess they’re pretty much just summer purses now.  I hope they like them- they certainly earned it!