I thought I’d share a book that was given to the kids by their grandmother some time ago, and I’ve since fallen in love with it.  The Secret Seahorse, by Stella Blackstone.  It’s a cute little story that has an added element of a hidden seahorse in each full-page spread.  Even though the boys have read it enough times that the little seahorse’s secret is out, they don’t grow tired of it.  Neither do I.

  More than the story, however, I find that the pictures are what keep me coming back time and time again.  As a child, I wasn’t much for reading, but I loved getting lost in intricate illustrations of sea life, forest life, anything nature-oriented.  I guess not much has changed! 

All of the illustrations are done in felt and vintage fabrics, buttons, trims, and stitched by hand.  The bright colors, the rich layouts, and the intricate detail are just fascinating to me.  I guess being an artist who also fell in love with fabric, this is something that I find wildly inspiring.   

The artist, Clare Beaton, clearly has some skills.  Not only is it obvious the woman can draw, but her stitching is impeccable.  Her work, to me, is the perfect marriage of the two mediums.

If you check it out, I hope you find it as charming as I do.  I’m curious… what’s inspiring you lately (doesn’t have to be a book)?


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  1. I will have to take a look for that book – I agree, the illustrations are amazing! A lot of work…

    One book that we love is “The Party” by Barbara Reid. All of her illustrations are done with plasticine. Together with the lilty way she writes, it fast became one of my kids’ favorite books.

    As for inspiration, I’m not overly crafty (though I buy supplies like I am!), but my last projects were knitted kittens. They were very cute! Easy and fun to make…which is right up my alley! I’m also loving buttons lately…weird.

  2. Carrie, thanks for your comment. I’ll have to check out that book, sounds cool! And although I didn’t necessarily mean “artistically” inspiring, I give you props for the knitting- that is one area that I have tried several times & just can’t manage to wrap my brain around…

  3. Our church conference is having a charity sale aka the Central Illinois Mennonite Relief Sale. there’s a website somewhere

    Anyhoo, it typically brings in 15,000 visitors at least. I have been crocheting potholders and bookmarks since Christmas. I keep giving away one or two for a birthday, so my pile does not seem to grow fast enough.

    Last year, I donated 36 matching pairs of potholders, which sold out before Noon on Saturday.
    this year, a friend gave me a bag of Odds, so I am crocheting what I like to call “silly singles”.
    the colors go together within the item, but no mate

    In my Done basket right now are 27 potholders, and 6 bookmarks.
    My husband says I do not have to furnish the entire booth all alone, but I like to contribute as much as possible for a worthy cause.

    So I guess my latest inspiration is to be handed a shopping bag full of cotton yarn and thread, knowing the third weekend in March is coming soon.

  4. Inspiration with a cause, what could be better? Thanks for sharing 🙂

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