A Week in Words

snownami · cold · baking · sewing · sinus infection · pediatrician · no school · homemade valentines · cabin fever · uno · jello jigglers · spaghetti · snow · shovelling · back aches · mahna, mahna · giant cookies…mmmm · pj’s · couch cushion fort · netflix · paul blart, mall cop · legos · laptop · work from home · baby shower · lasagne · candy hearts · tylenol · holy cow, more snow! · jackson’s first steps · bruises · bumped heads · hide and seek ·  bunco · glitter glue · baby quilt · panda bear pants · cuddles · down comforter · sick kitty · the monster at the end of this book · target · score! alton brown tickets! · superbowl · go saints · snow puddles · inside voice, please! · don’t hit your brother · wipe your feet · the “incident” with the hair clippers · stop hitting your brother · cordon bleu · yuck! I’m not eating that! · wyatt, don’t touch the computer · bologna · IF YOU HIT YOUR BROTHER ONE MORE TIME I’M GOING TO EXILE YOU TO ANTARTICA!!!


3 Responses

  1. wow…it made me tired just hearing about your week…LOL

    i saw Jackson’s video on P&B…he looks most like Wyatt who looks just like Max…and none of them look alike at all…but you know what i mean.

    are you ready for three boys that move freely? (should i change that to four)

  2. I’m exhausted just reading about your week.

    I’m a little green over the Alton Brown tickets.

    What kind of jigglers did you make?

  3. Maria, I can’t tell you how excited I am about finding those tickets! We just made regular ol’ boring square shaped jigglers, but they were good! (And GONE! pretty quickly).

    And Melissa- I totally agree w/ them looking so much/so not alike- I say it every day 🙂

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