Resolutions (I.e.: a Bloggy Mission Statement)

Hi there.  I know, it’s been a while.  I should’ve called, but….  I’ve been really busy.  I know, lame excuse.  If you really meant that much to me, I guess I would’ve prioritized.  But, you see, as of late, I seem to have developed a severe aversion to any kind of time management and all things organized.  Allow me to present exhibit A- the title of this blog post.    Resolutions?  Hello, it’s February!  Please don’t take it personally, it’s me, not you.  Really.

Seriously, I know I have been extremely lackadaisical in my bloggy responsibilities for the past… well, since the third little munchkin burst onto the scene.   It’s not that I haven’t wanted to write, more like I haven’t felt much inspiration in that department.  It doesn’t come naturally to me, and, to be totally honest, I only started the blog to promote my wee little business.  But without much real focus or foresight, I floundered regularly trying to come up with content.  Is it about art?  Is it about my life?  The kids?  Is it my side of the Poop and Boogies coin?  After Jackson was born, it became clear to me that my time was needed elsewhere until I could figure things out & how to make it all work.

So what did I come up with?  Resolutions.  Resolutions to be more organized.  More focused.  More… passionate.  I know, artists are supposed to be free, not strapped down by a mundane daily monotony.  But what I’ve come to realize is there is freedom in structure.  Order is a necessary component in nature, why did I ever think I could somehow be above it?   

So here it is.  This blog will remain in existence for the purpose of promoting fun, creative outlets that hopefully other people can relate to.  And yes, I will use it as a tool to sell my wares.  But I will do my best (no guarantees, here) to keep it fun, interesting, and to update regularly with recurring features such as diy crafts, many for the little people (kids, not gnomes… although I like to think they’ll be user-friendly to all, including those who might be vertically challenged, or, “space efficient”, if you want to see the glass as half-full). 

For the other stuff, I’ve started a new blog, which I will dedicate to my boys.  See, as crafty as I think I am, I am not a scrapbooker, and I have to admit I do feel some anxiety that one day they will look back at the 823,568 or so photos that are stored on our computer’s hard drive and curse us as parents for never organizing their childhood memories into neat and pretty little books, complete with snazzy thought-bubble stickers, et al.  So this way, at least I am giving them something to look back through, and probably curse us anyway for telling the whole world embarrassing stories of how they used to dance around in their birthday suits or blow bubbles in the tub.

So there you have it.  I’m not making any promises, but I do feel hopeful that by putting it out there, I am basically giving anyone who cares permission to get on my case if I don’t do what I’m intending.  Coming next time:  a wee little valentine project for the kiddies.  Stay tuned.


8 Responses

  1. So…did you just say you don’t have enough time for 1 blog so you’ll do 2 blogs instead?

  2. Yeah, pretty much.

  3. Two things: first, I second Michelle’s notion that the perfect solution to feeling like you’re not blogging enough is to create a new blog.

    Second, I know you guys are in PA, but these comments are coming from like 5pm TONIGHT… what’s life like in the future?

  4. I’m willing to stop by to ask where you are.

    I see the two blogs as your first step toward organizing.

  5. Thank you, Maria. It’s not that I’m going to be blogging more, (well, considering I haven’t been at all, then yes, I guess I will be blogging more) but just in a more organized way. Having two blogs might seem like more work, but it helps to keep the voices in my head happy.

    And with a name like SciFi Dad, shouldn’t you have a little more authority on the time travel issue?

  6. I totally feel where you are coming from! Except… I don’t have a new baby to use as my excuse. I struggled to blog about anything, and then made the commitment to post a blog a day in Feb. Only 4 days in, but so far so good!

    I still click over to see if you have updates every now and then! Good luck with the organization!

  7. I give you props for blogging, period. Even if it’s lackadaisical. I’m intimidated by the whole blogging thing, even though most of my memories of my children’s infancy through preschool years are fading fast, along with my synapses.

    One of my favorite quotes is from Theodore Roosevelt, who said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” I think you’re doing just that!

    BTW, your new blog header looks nice.

  8. Count me as a reader…more of the new blog, but I am sure I will check-n here as well.

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