Lost in Translation

Max:    “Dad, you missed the gecko.”


Bill:    “Huh?”


Max:    “You missed the gecko.”


Bill:    “I missed the…. gecko?”


Max:    “Yeah.”


Bill:    “What the heck does that mean?”


Max:    “Well, you see, me, mommy, and Wyatt are all wearing red shirts… you aren’t…. so you missed the gecko.”


Me:    “No, Max.  It’s memo…. you missed the memo.”


Max:    “Oh.”


5 Responses

  1. He is funny.

  2. I think he was right. The gecko was wearing a red shirt, too, but Bill missed it.

  3. There was a gecko in my house, I tried to catch it but I missed the gecko. The gecko missed the memo that said he wasn’t allowed inside!

  4. your house has got to be a never-ending source of giggles.

  5. Nice…here I was thinking that William was driving, had a chance to run over a lizard, but did not…

    I think I have problems.

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