Doylestown Art Festival

One of the reasons I’ve been so absent from the blog this summer is that every spare moment of my time has been spent preparing for the Doylestown Art Festival.  I did some smaller craft shows last season, but it’s been a while since I’ve done  an exhibit of this magnitude. 

Unfortunately, Saturday got rained out, but Sunday’s weather was fantastic, and the crowds did not disappoint.  It’s funny, over the years I had forgotten what it’s like to do an outdoor craft show: the set up, working through my outdoor display issues, hearing other vendors work through their outdoor display issues, cursing about outdoor display issues, trying to maneuver a van through a sea of artisans setting up, port-a-johns, booth sitting, live music, sore feet, funnel cake and general camraderie. 

A shot of my booth:




Thanks to all of the friends/family/neighbors that came out to show your support, and of course, to everyone who bought something.  I can’t possibly describe it, but it’s such an amazing feeling to make something, and someone out there appreciates it enough to spend their hard-earned money on it… I’m so grateful and blessed, really.

Some new items that I debuted this year were my pillows, of which I only sold two, but one of them was my all time favorite, would’ve totally kept it for myself, and of course I didn’t take a picture of it, bunny pillow.  If you look closely, you can see it in the picture, it’s the blue one with the white/orange polka dot fabric on the side.  You can’t see the bunny, but it’s in the lower left corner.

Anyway, some other new things I’ve been working on are these little wooden tiles shaped like houses:




You can hang them on your wall, or set them on a ledge.  People seemed to like them.  They are a combination of recycled wood, paint, fabric, vintage storybooks, paper, and reproductions of my own artwork.  Each one is one of a kind and tells its own story.  So here I am, back to painting and wood working.  I guess it’s in my DNA somewhere.  I’ve found that collage really works for me, because I have such A.D.D. when it comes to art/craft.  And the small format has always called to me, it’s so much more intimate somehow, like you have to get up close to it to really appreciate it.   I’ll be listing these in the Etsy Shop starting tomorrow.

And hey, now that some of the kidlets are back to school, I might even find the time to post to my blog again this week!  Shocker!


8 Responses

  1. We *almost* went to Doylestown yesterday, but the Mushroom Festival won out and we went to Kennett Square instead. Darn! Those are some cute hats, and it would’ve been great to meet you. Will you be anywhere else this fall?

  2. I’ll just say here what I said outloud when I saw the tiles: Oh, how delightful!

  3. LOVE the teeny house tiles – soo original and whimsical! your booth looked awesome! wish you lots of luck and happy crafting!
    a fellow crafter and ADD mom (although i think it gives me such an edge with multitasking :),


    p.s. do you do local home parties? if so please contact me via email. i live in hilltown 🙂

  4. Very endearing pieces. good luck to you!!!

  5. Lauren, After your husband announced that you were having an affair with Art, he then suggested that I have a look for myself! He should be jealous! You really have something going on with this Art! Simply inspiring me to have my own affair if I can expect results as beautiful as these! Elizabeth

  6. Gorgeous!! I am so impressed with your talent. I am not a crafter, but I whole-heartedly agree with your sentiment about creating something that someone appreciates and will pay you money for…that’s how I feel about my photography. Every time I get feedback and an order from a client it is a thrill.

  7. Oh Lauren! i love your little booth. I like the rabbit pillow and I can’t even see the rabbit!
    I really would like to buy one of your little tile houses but have it sent to a friend in Oregon as a present. Is that possible?
    I like the bee one. Let me know.
    You really don’t have ADD. You just have three children. I am amazed you can get anything done! But you won’t realize this until they are 21 and you look back and see all you accomplished and wonder how you did it.

  8. Very cool work.

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