We Didn’t Plan This…

Just happened to snap this at the right moment, I suppose. Although after about the 53rd meltdown that day, I probably would’ve let them carry him away…


5 Responses

  1. Is that Max? Is his cast off? Or was this pre-cast? Hope you’re surviving over there!

  2. It’s Wyatt. 2 more weeks until the cast comes off…

  3. Funny! Love these captures. I hope the machinery kept him happy for a little while.

  4. funny picture!

    don’t disillusion me with tales of my sweet Wyatt having multiple meltdowns in a day….LOL

    oh the life with 3 sons (and Mr. P&B)…i’m surprised you didn’t jump in that bucket and let them take YOU away!

  5. 53 meltdowns…before noon.

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