My Super Hero

Some of you may have heard, either via Poop and Boogies, or otherwise, that Maxfield suffered quite a fall/injury over the weekend.  He is fine, but he spent a couple of days in the hospital with a broken femur.  That cursed swingset (shaking my fist)!  Unfortunately, since the break was high, he is in a spica (body) cast, and, at the moment at least, is bedridden, and can’t even really sit upright.  Despite the fact that he has been through way more than any five year old should have to endure over the past few days,  I think he is handling it better than me!  While his smiles haven’t really returned yet, he seems fairly content most of the time.  I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, but surprisingly thankful overall.  I will post more later, but any thoughts/prayers for his quick recovery are certainly appreciated!


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  1. Poor Max!

  2. My thoughts for Max. Just now recovering from a broken fibula in January myself, so I feel his pain. Lots of sleep to recover) and stuff to do while laying down. After a few weeks it was frustrating because I couldnt even take myself to the bathroom so also patience – my assvice.

    Best to everyone.

  3. Hey Lauren, This is CRAZY! Poor Max! I hope he has a quick recovery & can find enough to do to keep his self entertained! I hope all of you get through this quickly…Lots of patience & strength to all of you!

  4. i hear the cure is ice cream…lots of ice cream…

    sweet max…what a bummer for him.

    but i have a feeling with your three (4) sons…this is just the start of bones cracking…

    hug him from all of us in cyber-land.

  5. Poor Max. Poor Mommy!

  6. Gosh, Lauren! That sounds so traumatic for everyone! I’m praying for Max to heal quickly and for him to have patience with the cast after the novelty of it wears off. You must have been scared when it happened!

    A big hug from one mommy to another!

  7. Praying for your sweet boy!

  8. How scary that must have been! I’m glad it was his leg and not his head. Here’s hoping he heals quickly, poor guy.

  9. Tracy’s little guy Mason broke his femur last fall and was also in a spica cast. I’m sure she’d be happy to give you some pointers on getting through the next few weeks. She’s on facebook. Wish I was there to help!

  10. Oh my goodness! How terrifying!! Just glad to know he will recover well!!! Poor little guy!!

  11. I’m so sorry. I hope Max has a quick recovery. Hang in there.

  12. Try a bean bag chair for sitting up better..
    Hope he is feeling super hero better soon.
    And of course, I will have you all in my thoughts. xx
    P.S. Lauren, send me your address so i can send a surprise in the mail to him.

  13. Hi Lauren,

    Rocco told me about Max (just cause she knows I love him too). Sorry to hear about what you are all going through. While this is certainly no picnic for Max it has to be heart breaking for you to see him in so much pain. I still have your address from last year, be on the lookout for a little get well. Give Maxfield my love, tell him Mrs. Hachen loves him. You take care!! If there is anything I can do you know where I am.
    Mrs. Hachen

  14. What a pleasure to see “gigglepotamus” leaves a comment!
    Ah, William’s other half! I just can’t seem to get rid of him! The only “boy” that visits my otherwise girly blog! He will leave comments such as, “Not to knock the pillow you spent 72 hours making, but I like the lamp.” See what I mean! The adventures of your family bring close to my heart my children’s childhood. My husband and I couldn’t wait for the morning to come just to spend the day with them. You and your husband have got it right. Kids are the best gift we give ourselves – enjoy! Elizabeth

  15. Hello Lauren: How is Max doing?

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