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Three is the Luckiest Number


6 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday, Wyatt! Any special wishes?
    Do you just want to be naked a minute?

  2. You make good looking kids.

  3. wow…how grown up does Max look…make him STOP.

    and Jackson…look at those eyes…so very sweet…can i taste his fingers too? lol

    and of course…my sweet sweet Wyatt…i don’t know what it is about that kid…but he just melts my heart.

    i’m sorry, i don’t mean to sound like a stalker.

  4. Lauren, even though my grandsons are the most beautiful boys in the world (can’t help it – I am a Grandma! and love it), your sons runs a very close second. They are exceptional children too! We are all very blessed!

  5. Precious! All of them.

  6. Beutiful boys!

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