I Went in for a Tape Measure…

… and I ended up cleaning out the garage.  That husband of mine is sly like a fox, I tell ya.  I never did find the tape measure.


5 Responses

  1. …I left it in the Attic….I think.

  2. teehee You guys are so funny!

    Man…I hope you know how fortunate you are, Lauren. My husband would NEVER build anything like your’s did for our kids. He won’t buy them one, let alone build it. And to spend an entire day doing something for the kids?? That WOULD NOT happen around here.

    hang on to that one!

  3. Note to gigglepot: Don’t go in the garage again.

  4. I’ve been attempting to teach my kids that “trick” for when they’re looking through the pile of clean, unfolded laundry for something… they never seem to get the hang of “fold everything, then you’ll find it”, though.

  5. I have a tape measure in my office…would you mind coming down here to find it?

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