Art Is Everywhere

While making the boys breakfast this morning, I noticed this grape which had been slightly dug into by a critter. Pretty cool.  There’s some really talented bug/worm crawling around somewhere… or perhaps it was a collaborative effort.  Maybe some wanna be caterpillars longing for spring?





Have an inspired day.




9 Responses

  1. So, did you feed the boys that artist?

    You know, Soylent Green is people.

  2. that is amazing!

  3. Oh wow…That is so cool.

  4. Those fingers are hot.

  5. That’s nasty. Sorry but I don’t even like to think that there was a chance that a bug could have been crawling around on my food. I understand that there of course are bugs crawling around on it but I don’t need any outright reminders of it as I’m getting ready to consume it. Sorry to ruin your creative thinking here but I find it nasty!

  6. wow, I just came across this and it is so amazing! it looks like a fairy. very cool.

  7. Have you listed it on eBay?

  8. Only someone creative (as you are) can find beauty in all things! Nature has a way of reminding us to keep our eyes open to see all that is offered. Now did the boys (all of them) just say “ewwww”?

  9. That is so cool. Plus, doesn’t it feel good when we take the time to notice these kinds of things?

    Hey, when you have a minute, email me. I want to discuss sewing machines with you. 🙂

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