25 Things/ How Do I Love Thee…

By now, I’m sure anyone who’s on Facebook has been tagged (or at least otherwise seen) the 25 Things About Me thing that’s been going around.   After a few sad attempts, and in honor of the big V-Day, I figured instead of writing about myself again, why not dedicate my 25 Things to the man in my life, Mr. Poop and Boogies himself, the pseudo-famous, and always infamous William?  After all, I don’t show him what he truly means to me & our family nearly as much as I should.

25 Reasons I Love William, Let Me Count the Ways:

  1. You always make me laugh.
  2. You are a shining example of  a good great smack down, top of the heap, funkadelic, like nobody’s business, stellar, superfly, rock star parent.
  3. You make me breakfast (sometimes in bed).
  4. You put up with some of my crap, but not all of it.
  5. You inspire me to be a better person.
  6. Even though I’m virtually suffocating under a pile of flab rolls and stretch marks, you still think I’m beautiful.
  7. You give me space and time to myself, even if it means giving up your own time.
  8. You always stick up for me, no matter what, even if I’m being a *little* dramatic or silly.
  9. You wipe the toothpaste spittle off my chin.
  10. You still love me despite my belching problem.
  11. You always buy (and cook) me crab legs when they’re on sale. 
  12. You always crack open & give your crab legs to the boys, getting very little for yourself even though you bought/cooked them, so that I can enjoy mine.
  13. You warm up my heat pad at night & stick it under my covers before I get into bed.
  14. You always bring me a glass of water at night.
  15. You’ve shown me what it truly means to be selfless.
  16. You have the confidence and integrity to stand behind what you think & say, and the humility to apologize when you are wrong.
  17. You have nice legs.
  18. You delivered the most accurate, thoughtful, and touching eulogy for my father even though you were in the midst of losing your own.
  19. Anyone can rely on you when in need.
  20. You send me flirty emails.
  21. You don’t care what other people think.
  22. You almost never point out my flaws.
  23. You are always up for making out, even if I have the most foul morning/ coffee/ garlic bagel breath.
  24. You gave me the best wedding ever, which included death-defying tandem bicycle rides, karaoke, and this cast of characters:


    25.  You never go to bed without telling me you love me.


I know there are tons more reasons to love William, but these are just a few.  Thank you for improving the quality of my life on a daily basis!


13 Responses

  1. That is awesome. You are lucky and blessed!

  2. Regarding #23…How about tonite?


  3. I love William for his legs too. Well okay, not really, but I do think he’s a pretty good guy.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, you two!

  4. That was the most beautiful meme I’ve ever read.

    You have a great hubby, there!

  5. Great list! William is an awesome hubby! My hubby does number 13 too! It’s pretty fantastic. Have a great weekend!

  6. I love it when people love each other.

  7. I think I love him too…the butterflies in my stomach when we met confirmed it.

  8. This is a wonderful list. I know you must have suspected by now that I love your husband, too 😉
    And by association, you and your wonderful boys.
    Happy Love Day to the whole herd of pooping, boogeying, belching gigglepotamuses.

  9. Dang! William sounds like an incredibly guy! Hmmm, does he have a brother…oh wait…he has like 15 brothers, doesn’t he? 😉

    Happy Valentine’s Day you two love birds!

  10. That was beautiful. Happy V day to both of you!

  11. That is so nice to hear! Where can I get me one of those?? 🙂 Happy Valentines Day.

  12. awwww….that was sweet. i bet it made his day to see it (and for everyone else too!)

  13. I love that! What a great idea; and way to express your admiration for the man you love! Very sweet.

    Hope you had a nice Valentine’s day with the new addition.

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