In Case You Felt Like Gagging…

Thought for the day:

I mentioned once before that there’s a statistic out there that suggests the typical person swallows (presumably by accident) an average of 8 spiders per year.  

Sooooo, with that in mind,  in a house with two cats, an extremely large, furry dog, and me, who avoids cleaning as much as humanly possible, how many animal hairs would one conceivably swallow in any given year?

I bet it’s enough to coat a terri poo…


10 Responses

  1. I have two cats and if the fur I find around the house is any indication, then I have a furball in my tummy about to make itself known.

  2. There is nothing like a new baby to make you notice these things. lol! I remember when our quads went thru this stage of crawling under the sofa….they came out bearded like they had joined the Al-Qaeda!

  3. I’d rather eat a plate of fur than swallow one spider:)

  4. I once read that a person with pets swallows more than a pound a year. That may be the key to my new diet…

  5. When I would eat dinner at a girlfriend’s, before I had my own kids, her son would ALWAYS find at least one dog hair on his plate. Every time!!

  6. That’s all just NASTY! The hair is definitely one reason why I hate animals. Nasty!

  7. I might have to have my stomach pumped now in the OFF CHANCE that there’s a spider in there. Seriously. Nothing would freak me out more than that.


    I have 4 house cats and an 81 lb. freakishly spazzy dog. I’ll willingly swallow fist fulls of their fur if I can skip the whole spider thing!

  8. Am I the only one wondering what a terri poo is?

  9. We have one chocolate lab, and I swear I find a hair in my supper almost everynight 😉

  10. Marian and I rcently bought a Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner. The first two times we have used it, we got more hair than is already on the cats. We;re going to save it up and see if we can knit a new cat out of it

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