I’m Not Dead

Has it really been that long since I posted anything?  It literally feels like I blinked two weeks away.  Little Jackson has been sweet as ever, and all three boys have been happily keeping us busy these past couple of weeks.  I was worried that I would feel completely overwhelmed, but I mostly just feel thankful and in awe of the circle of life.  Thank you everyone for all of the comments on his pictures– he really is a cute baby, although he’s still kind of in that awkward newborn phase.  I’m thinking he’s going to look a little more like Max- lighter hair, blue eyes… 

I’ve been writing the story of his arrival, but also experiencing diarrhea of the mouth (er… pen? keyboard?) and can’t seem to get it edited down to an acceptable length where anyone would actually have the time or want to read it… so until then, I can’t help myself, here are some more photos:


If anyone knows how to create mosaics with flickr, I would greatly appreciate instructions 🙂 as I’m sure these photos would look a lot better presented that way.

Some fun stuff that’s been going on ’round these parts:

  1. Jackson has already had his first bout of pink eye.
  2. When he was about a week old, I did manage to get out of the house for a bit, (without any kids) and I bumped into someone I hadn’t seen in a few weeks.  She obviously wasn’t aware that I’d already given birth, and promptly asked me if I was feeling any contractions yet… nice.  I guess in my case, nursing does not make the pounds just melt off… yet (I hope).
  3. I have been shown over and over again just how kind and generous people are, and I’m really feeling like I need to pay it forward to make up for all of the kindnesses that have been extended to our family. 
  4. I’ve forgotten how much I love, love, love little babies!  Jackson is like a little cuddly kitty cat- I feel like a little girl with my dolly that I carry around everywhere.
  5.  I got way too excited to get dressed up yesterday for my big day out…. to my dentist appointment.
  6. Bill has been transformed into superdad, (well, he kinda already was superdad, maybe now superdad on steroids?) in how awesome he’s been taking care of Max & Wyatt while Jackson & I are connected at the boob.
  7. Poop, poop, and more poop (and a fair amount of boogies, too).

Other than that, things have been pretty good.  Stay tuned for more fun…


26 Responses

  1. He’s sooooo cute. I love babies. I don’t get to hold many lately though.

    And for the record? I would love to read your “too long” story.

  2. You are hot.

  3. You have to make it with Flickr Toys…


    it is easy to do and then just upload right to flickr.

    The pictures are adorable. Oh my baby bellies so stinking cute!

    You don’t have to edit his birth story for anyone it is nice just to have a record of the birth and if it is long, well that is ok. It is a pretty important event!

  4. He is such a sweetie! I love the one in his little towel…So perfect. Aww. Ok baby fever…gotta go for now…Can’t get that fever right now.

  5. Look at that hair! He is such a cutie pie!

  6. Beautiful photos! What a cutie he is, too.

    We don’t mind the unedited story–the details are always the most interesting part.

  7. Yes, bring on the long story. Birth stories are the best! What a handsome little man you’ve got!

  8. He is absolutely precious!!!

  9. what a sweet, sweet boy. and again…your babies look so very different and so very much alike.

    those eyes…that hair…those expressions…he is a lucky boy to have you as parents and Max and Wyatt as his big brothers.

    i can’t wait to read your story..long or not!

  10. He is SOOO BEAUTIFUL! I love that picture of his belly and then his crazy hair!!! So sweet!

  11. Jackson is adorable!! Having three boys is a wonderful thing! Just wait until you venture out with all three…everyone will comment on how handsome they all are!!

  12. Oh the hair…the big, swallow-you-up eyes…*sigh* how fast they do grow! So keep toting him around like a little doll until those hands are coordinated to push you away to let him down *double sigh*. And even then, hold him tight! 🙂 Have fun, Lauren!

  13. Oh, he’s just yummy. Numnumnum. I love the yawn picture!

  14. Oh my word, but he is the cutest little guy ever!

  15. Beautiful photos of a beautiful baby boy! Jealous of the hair (mine 4 were all born with military cuts) and those big eyes!!!
    SuperDad is my dh’s blog name. But it’s okay if you need to call Bill that, too. (He sent me over here to see Jackson’s pictures.)

  16. I just have to tell you, I really love reading your blogs!!! I have only recently discovered ‘gigglepotamus’ and ‘poop&boogies’, and have really enjoyed reading them. You both have such a great way writing with so much humor!!! What a awesome and beautiful family! Congrats to you all on Jackson (great names for all three kids!!!! Very cool.) All the best!

  17. He is so beautiful he brings tears to my eyes.

    Did you take these photos? They’re gorgeous.

  18. Oh, I totally meant to tell you about…well…two or three months ago. And also before you were ever pregnant with Jackson, I meant to tell you that I predicted that Jackson would look more like Max than Wyatt. It is weird, but for myself and many of my friends, that seems to be what happens.

    Our third son looks SO MUCH like our first son. Dark hair, brown eyes. As babies not so much, but as toddlers…some of the photos the boys can’t tell which one is themself. I can, of course, but I certainly see the similarities. Sometimes it is hard for me to tell them apart, but then I look at the clothes they are wearing and what is in the background of the pic and I can figure out which one it is by that. They don’t look as much alike now, just their colouring is the same.

    Then our second son was the blonde, blue eyed one. Now that he is 13, his hair has darkened and his eyes are now blue/green, but you get what I am saying:)

    Obviously totally different personalities. Our second one has always been much more of a handfull…very dramatic and IN YOUR FACE about everything, whereas the first and third are a lot more quiet and easy-going. Although the third is a combo of the older two in his personality and interests. He is his own person for sure, but it is quite interesting how he is also just the two older brothers blended together. I could go on and on, I do find it quite fascinating. E-mail me if you want me to elaborate or if you want any advice on any of this three boys in a row stuff:) teehee Your MIL knows a little bit about it, but she also had an older daughter to change things up a bit!

    Congrats again and enjoy. I know just what you mean about how awesome the newborns are….I really wanted more:( But I guess one has to stop somewhere.

    Have a great weekend!

  19. Thank you for the nekkid baby feet! I love them.

  20. Sweet! Mosaic – Just go here http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/mosaic.php, and you can create the size of the mosaic, borders, etc. Then you just copy in the links into the spaces provided, and then say “go!” And the mosaic is made. You can upload to flickr.

    In your flickr account, when you click on your mosaic, and it goes to its own page, then hit “all sizes”, choose medium, then look below, and you will see the html coding. Hilight that and copy and then put in your blog text, and the mosaic will appear. When folks click on the picture in your blog, it will take them to your flickr site.

    I’m not techy, but I had to figure that out myself, so that’s my path.

    — Michele

  21. Love the baby pics! You are lucky I have a wedding to plan for and distract me from this baby fever thing. So cute! I hope the future Bogarts will fall in the same league. Congrats on a beautiful family!

  22. He is just adorable. I love the one on the bottom, in the hat. What a face!

  23. He is one seriously cute baby!

  24. What a little sweetie!!! I love how (some) newborns are so skinny and wirey but their bellies poke out.
    I LOVED the picture of him in his cap. That is such a sweet, adorable face.

    (I was directed here by your husband’s blog. You two are so lucky to have each other. What a great little family!)

  25. I was going to tell you about Big Huge Labs & flickr, but looks like someone beat me to it. Congratulations on the new little one. He is adorable! Hope you’re getting some sleep.

  26. Oh He is just too cute! Congratulations on your new (not so) baby boy he is just SO adorable.
    Hope you and your family are well

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