A Baby Story- Part Deux

I woke up at 6 a.m. feeling crampy.  With Maxfield, I never really went into “true labor”.  My water broke, but then they basically had to induce me to start the contractions.  This didn’t feel too bad, just like minor menstrual cramps. 

It was exactly one week before my supposed due date.  I say supposed, because that’s what the Doctors told me.  I knew better, however.  From a medical standpoint, it was difficult for them to pinpoint a date, because I had miscarried right before I got pregnant with Wyatt, and did not have a cycle in between.  I tried to tell them the date that “the deed” was done, but they told me that was impossible, it would’ve been too soon to conceive after the loss.  I tried to explain that Bill was out of town during the week in question, and I KNOW THE ONLY day “it” could’ve happened, but it was fruitless trying to convince them.  They had calculated the due date based on an early ultrasound, and they weren’t about to change it just because I said so.  Whatever.  By my calculations, Wyatt’s due date was exactly one week before theirs, so, nah-nah, nah nah nah….. Everybody knows you don’t go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line, and you don’t question a pregnant woman’s date of conception…

Anyway,  it was another Sunday, and I had already been trying to think of ways to get out of going to a baby shower on that day.  I’m all for a party, especially to celebrate a new baby, but I personally disagreed with this person having another shower, when they already had a boy so close in age, and thus, didn’t really need anything else.  I was planning on getting them a new baby gift, a shower gift on top of that just seemed frivolous.

So, I was half wondering if I was indeed in labor, or if I was just looking for an excuse to miss this shower.  Could I really have willed my labor pains?  Was I making more out of the cramps than I should have?  Like I said, they really weren’t bad, and they certainly weren’t regular.  All the books and childbirth classes tell you to call when your contractions are 5-1-1:  5 minutes apart, lasting one minute, for at least one hour.  I was all over the place, and really not that uncomfortable.  

Also, living in Florida at the time, we were nervous about leaving Max for his first overnight sleep over at a neighbor’s house.  We really didn’t want to leave him for a false alarm. Of course, it being a Sunday, there was no choice but to just go to the hospital, the office was closed.  Finally, around 4pm, we decided it would be best just to get checked… that way, if it was a false alarm, we would hopefully be back in time to pick Max up & put him to bed in his own room.

The hospital was Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies in Orlando.  Brand spanking new– construction was completed only a month before, and the grand opening ceremony was literally just weeks prior to our due date.  We got to triage, fully expecting to be told this was false labor and to go home and rest.  I got into my gown, the nurse checked me and said, “You’re 5 centimeters, honey, you’re not going anywhere”. 

I was so surprised, but kind of relieved that I just avoided the embarrassment of being sent home.  When we were ready, they wheeled me onto the elevator to take us up to labor and delivery.  We got off to a complete ghost town.  Since the hospital was so new, there were entire wings that weren’t in use yet.  The nurse wheeled me past desolate nurse’s stations, and through the dark & quiet halls.  Oh, did I mention this hospital was in the round?  Yeah, some architect’s snazzy idea- it was completely circular, so there was no end to any hallway to give any indication of  where the heck we were.

It didn’t take long for us to realize the nurse was lost.  We actually got lost on the way to labor and delivery!  She laughed and admitted that she was not the one to normally bring people upstairs, and since the building was circular and new to her, there was no point of reference.  As we circled around and around, it was so dark & quiet, it felt like we were in a horror movie.  I was half expecting some Doctor in bloody scrubs & a chainsaw to jump out at us at any given moment.

We obviously did eventually make it to our destination.  The doctor broke my water to get things moving a little faster.  Of course, after the fact, they realized there was something wrong with the table I was on, and would need to move me to another room.  Did they put me in a wheelchair?  No.  It was just across the hall, so I could walk.  Well, any woman who’s water has broken or been broken knows that it’s not like it just gushes out & then it’s done with.  It keeps coming.  And coming.  And coming.  As if it’s not bad enough having to walk across the hall with my heiney hanging out, but I now had the added humiliation of leaving a trail behind me.  Nice.  And it’s not like a simple walk across the hallway is all that simple when you’re hooked up to IV’s, fetal monitors, and such.   Having a baby?  Check your dignity at the door, please. 

I’m being sarcastic for humor’s sake, it really wasn’t that bad.  Oh, except when the need to push was so great I could barely stand it, and I was told the doctor was still completing a C-section next door, could I just hold on for 10 more minutes?  Or when I was in full glory, feet up in stirrups, giving it my all, and I overheard a group of nurses down at my feet say, “Oh, she does look a lot like Patty!”  Again, nice…

I had waited so long to push, that when they finally gave me the go ahead, Wyatt was out in less than 7 minutes.  Great, but a little scary to think how quick the next one could be….  I actually had a dream last night that I delivered at home, alone, and 9-1-1 wasn’t answering!  I guess that’s a little indicative of my state of mind.  Part three is still to come, although the chain of events that happened this weekend has already begun that story…. stay tuned for more fun!


10 Responses

  1. I think if the doctor isn’t present for the birth, you shouldn’t have to pay for it and screw waiting for him! It’s time when it’s time! GAH! Ok, I’m calm now, just a huge pet peeve of mine…waiting to push because doc is busy, don’t even get me started…

    Anywho, another lovely birth story! I love birth stories! Are we looking at maybe a NYE or Jan. 1 baby maybe? Today is good too as it’s dh’s b-day.

    Best of luck with the new lil man!

  2. Patty was hot.

  3. Hoping he comes in time to give you another 2008 tax deduction!

  4. When you said “Having a baby? Check your dignity at the door, please. ” I couldn’t help but laugh. That is the truest statement in regard to childbirth that I’ve ever heard!

    I can’t wait to hear about baby 3!

  5. I really hope William does not plan to leave you alone until after the baby arrives. That dream seems like a nightmare.

  6. I agree, NEVER argue with a woman on when her child was conceived! Doctors are there to get the baby OUT, not tell me when it went IN!

  7. Which part looked like Patty?

    Enquiring minds want to know.

  8. Hmm. I stopped in to wish you every good thing for the upcoming birth, as I have been doing with William. But now your “events of last weekend” has me wondering if he came early… but no, Bill wouldn’t be able to keep that quiet, and you wouldn’t be on here writing a long post, so… very intriguing one, you are, missy….

    Anyhow, I’ve been thinking of you all, can you tell? God bless you, and your four guys, and the delivery. Can’t wait for the rest of the story! 🙂

  9. Babywatch. No pressure….just checking.

  10. I was checking to see if there was any baby news and got a great laugh this morning! It’s been so long since I’ve had my girls and you brought all those “fun” memories back. I remember telling the nurse they kept the door to the room open so much they could have just as easily left me in the parking lot for everyone to see…lol.

    we’re all waiting to hear the news…

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