Drum roll, please

And the winner is……


Debbie! She left a tip about line drying her clothes, and a strategy to acquire some bailout money, which, with four kids, she probably can legitimately declare herself a bank….

Hey, a special shout out to Micie66, Katrina, and Amelia who all linked the blog and shop as well.  You guys rock!

And of course, thanks to everyone else for playing along, leaving your valuable tips, and for reading!!  So much fun.  I’m already thinking of the next giveaway 🙂


One more thing on a random note– I’m not the best about deciphering my blog stats, but I have noticed I’ve been getting steady traffic from people clicking the wordpress tag “big belly”– is this weird, or just me??  And…. should I be offended?  LOL– Gotta love that Maxfield!




3 Responses

  1. Yeah! I am so excited. I can just see those ornaments brightening up my house. And with two kids heading to college next year, I think I will be handing money out like a bank!
    And what’s with the big belly?

  2. Congratulations, Debbie!

    Big belly? I wouldn’t be offended since you have a very good reason for having a big belly. It does creep me out though. There are some sick individuals out there. Perhaps, the next contest should be a challenge for your readers to come up with instructions on how they can grow their own big belly and leave you alone. 🙂

  3. Better you get traffic that way than the way I do. I have a story about a home waxing kit in the private area of a woman. LOL…lots of traffic comes my way from that one.

    Congrats to the winner. And go look at Sew Mama Sew and their give-a-away day contest on Dec. 3rd for your next one. I am thinking of doing one.

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