Giveaway Reminder and Some Swag

Hey everybody, thanks for all the great money saving tips!  Some really interesting ideas happening.  Don’t forget, it’s not too late to enter, you have until 8 PM EST on Friday, Nov. 21.  Just leave a comment on this post with your money saving strategies (either holiday related, or everyday) to be entered to win.  And remember, if you link my blog and/or my Etsy shop on your blog or website, you get another 5 entries each! Thanks to everyone who’s done that already!

I thought I’d finally let you know what the prize is:  A set of 4 handmade felt holiday ornaments perhaps something like these, from my woodland series:


I will have a few different series to choose from, but right now, I just have woodland photos. 












I also thought of a couple more small money saving, or at least economical tips: 

1.  If you have a Walmart Super Center near you, they have a discount bread section for items on which the “sell by” date is about to expire.  They mark down a lot of their specialty & artisan breads by at least 50%, as well as pastry & other fresh bakery items.  I know grocery stores do this with their meats, too.  Since we usually either freeze or immediately eat most of our breads & meats anyway, we can get a higher quality food item for the same price as the discount brand.

2.  Speaking of bread, no one in my household likes the “butts” of the loaves, so I save them to make croutons.  Just cube them, toss them with some melted butter & seasonings, and bake them in the oven or toaster oven until they’re crispy.

I do have one more money-saving project if you’re looking to do custom, cute curtain rods on the cheap, but I would like to post photos, and I’m not quite done yet.  Hopefully Friday.  In the meantime, keep your great tips coming!!


4 Responses

  1. I love the mushroom ornament… it reminds me of Super Mario Brothers!

  2. My money saving tip: Binder Clips
    Use them to attach homemade ornaments to your tree, keep cloth diapers snug your baby (they’re better than snappies), keep your couch cover from coming off, keep fitted sheets in place, and so much more (tie clip for hubby’s tie).

  3. Those are downright adorable! My tree needs those! Gosh I have about 11 entries since I linked both your post and your shop and left a tip!!! Here’s hoping I am the lucky winner!

  4. These are lovely. It reminds me of ornaments my mother made in the 60s.

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