An Extra Hour….. Now What?

Yesterday morning we awoke around our normal time, 5 a.m., thanks to Wyatt and his uncanny need for almost no sleep.  It took a couple of hours, but we eventually realized that the clocks should’ve been moved back an hour the night before.  Wow.  It was only 7 a.m., and we were all ready to start our day.  Now what?

We hit the big, humongous castle playground right around 8:30 a.m.  Probably needless to say, but we were the only ones there.  Also… hello, November!!  It was ch-ch-ch-chilly!  We broke out the winter coats and hats.  Well, all of us except Max, because his “powers are for not getting cold.”

Wyatt wearing his stylin new hat.

Wyatt wearing his stylin' new hat.


The Ice-Man

The Ice-Man


Our only companion

Our only companion


8 Responses

  1. The last pic. Awesome.

  2. Wow, that is early. It looks like you had a blast having the park all to yourself though. How exciting!

  3. We hit the playground in our neighborhood yesterday morning too. It was totally on the fly, no planning, just on our way home from breakfast. No hats or gloves for anyone! We lasted 15 minutes. The girls would have stayed forever I think but I was in pain looking at their pink hands. We were the only ones there!

  4. That is really early! The best part though about nobody but ya’ll being there…You didn’t have to wait on a swing!

  5. Oh man, Wyatt reminds me so much of my second son. I used to pray he would “sleep in” until 5:30! At least he took a morning AND afternoon nap until he was about 18 months, then just an afternoon one until he was about SEVEN! It was bliss.

    Anyway, sounds like you guys had a lovely morning:) I need to get my kids out to the playgrounds more often…*sigh*…I am just getting so old I can always find some excuse, which is dumb because they love it so much and seeing them happy always makes my day!

  6. Aww great photos Wyatt is adorable.

    I am pregnant with a boy and surprised my hubby with the news for our 10th anniversary after he surprised me with a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings from so it was a big night for both of us.

    I can’t wait to have days where we can get early and take our boy to the park to go play!

  7. wow…how cool is it that Max has the power to not get cold…now that is a power of good!

    i always thought super-heroes were pretend…and now i feel like i know a superhero, with real super powers…and you Lauren, i can’t imagine how you feel about this!


    and of course that sweetheart Max…he always melts my heart.

  8. Nice shot of your companion.

    I’m cold just looking at Max. Love the hat on Wyatt.

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