A Hallowed Occasion

Well, we’re here, the big day.  I basically had one work week to pull the boys’ costumes together, and, although I was forced to use WAY more duct tape that I had hoped, I think they came out ok.  I think I mentioned before that Max wanted to be a robot.  I decided to stay away from the cardboard box look, although, in retrospect, it probably would’ve saved me a lot of time, aggravation, and money.  Do you know how difficult it is to find silver fabric?  Yes, it had to be silver.  The only thing I could find was this heavy, quilted fabric that I think is used for making things heat-safe.  I normally am very enthusiastic about Halloween costume-making, but I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a project more.  This stuff was such a P.I.A. to work with, and made a complete mess that it sucked all my enthusiasm very early on.  At least if he has a meltdown, we know he won’t combust.  I just kept picturing his beaming, proud face once he got to put the whole outfit on & show everybody, and it made it all worth it.  We got a battery operated LED light for the front panel, which Max could hardly contain himself over, and, as a surprise, LED Christmas lights to go around the edges.   Here he is, my little robotic oven mitt:


This shot shows his lights a little better.  I love the look on his face:

Wyatt’s costume, on the other hand, was almost too easy.  After much hemming & hawing over whether he would be a garden gnome or Frankenstein, Frankie won out:



All I had to make was the mask.  I got his jacket from a local thrift store (I think it might be for a girl- shhh) and dyed it dark blue, since it was originally heather gray which just didn’t seem fitting for a proper ghoul.  It’s just a wee bit too small, but it said 3T!  Oh well, hopefully he’ll at least keep the mask on long enough to get some good loot.


I made some delicious eyeball treats for Max’s school party, courtesty of Bakerella‘s cake pop recipe.  I couldn’t get the chocolate coating nearly as smooth as she does, but I think it kind of added to the creepiness of them.  I added red food coloring to the insides for extra grossness, and “painted” the irises & pupils with tinted melted chocolate.  Hopefully the pre-schoolers won’t be too traumatized to eat them.  They were fun to make, and absolutely delicious:



All Dressed Up for the Party

All Dressed Up for the Party



I hope everyone out there has a fun, safe, and Happy Halloween!  😛


21 Responses

  1. OK, I so have to make some of those soon. I read about them on Bakerella’s site one day and thought about making them someday. But now, two bloggers that I read have made them and posted about them in the last two days. (You and http://thepioneerwoman.com/ on her cooking tab.)

    OH, and GREAT JOB on the costumes. 🙂 And maybe all that hard work on the robot this year will go towards relaxing next year (or two) when Wyatt can wear it for his costume! 🙂

  2. I am always amazedat your crafting abiliies. Not only are the costumes (and your children) adorable and amazing, but those eyeball pops are phenomenal!!! I need to make them now.

  3. WOW! The robot is a first prize winner for sure! It’s awesome. And of course Wyatt makes the oh so scarey Frankenstein a cutie!

    The kids I am sure enjoyed the Pops at the school.

    Happy Halloween!

  4. You so rock! I love those costumes to pieces! They both look so fantastic and happy. Have a great Halloween and a fun night of trick-or-treating.
    You Have Been Booed!.

  5. Absolutely darling costumes and those eyeballs are so fun. you are very clever. I’m not a big halloween fan any more (my kids are both in college) but your costumes make me want to get back into making kids stuff again. (I don’t really sew much anymore).

    I love the garden gnome, I don’t think he’s even close to being a frankenstein, much too cute.

  6. The costumes and the candy are brilliant! Love them!

  7. The best costumes. EVER!

  8. Lauren…the kids look awesome!

  9. Everything is so cute!

  10. Your boys are very lucky to have a mama like you.

  11. Ahhhhh…I wish I had known about this on Wednesday! Our Home School party was yesterday morning and these are way better than my lame drink I made (Sprite in clear plastic cups, orange sherbet on top, with a gummy worm hanging from the said and I added my own touch…a bat ring sat in the lump of ice cream) even though people love it anyway.

    Those costume are so awesome! I know the boys will have fun in them for years to come! I don’t make my kids costumes because it ends up costing 4 times as much as buying them these days…although still…I know I should.

    My teens are leaving for a party in a few hours…wonder if I have time to do these cake pop things…

  12. Those costumes are FAB! I like your creepy but cool eyeballs.

    Not one trick or treater here in England. I miss seeing the children in their costumes.

  13. So cool! I love those eyeballs! I can’t even imagine finishing such a cool project. I have finisher’s project syndrome!

    This is off topic but I noticed a very, very tiny black smily face on your site in the upper right hand corner. I never noticed it until the other day. Did you do that?

  14. The picture of the eyeballs peering out the window had me giggling hysterically! I pity the person looking in that window and seeing all those eyes looking back at them. Funny Stuff, good job!

  15. These costumes are awesome!!!

  16. I love all of it. I do have to ask how did you keep your cake pops round all over, whereas, PW had a flat part on hers? I am considering making some for Christmas and would appreciate any tips.

  17. Nobody gets away with anything in your yard cuz the eyes are watching.

    I have to admit that my sons did not have such great costumes.
    I’m like the Scrooge of Halloween.
    Too many Sunday School lessons, I imagine.

  18. I think you did a brilliant job on the costumes.

    Those eyeballs look a little creepy. 🙂

  19. Cute costumes! I love the eyeballs!

  20. OK, I feel completely inadequate.

  21. Claire called me yesterday and said that we can no longer read your blog…she said that there was no way that she could ever live up to the greatness that you create…

    I think the costume looks great…and it does look like a pot-holder on his head….maybe you can use him to pull things out of the oven!

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