Um…. Excuse me, Mother Nature?

This is the view outside my front door today, October 28th at noon:

oct 28 out my front door

And out my side window:

oct 28 out my side window

For anyone who is following the World Series, you know that last night’s game was postponed in the 6th inning due to the messy rain conditions. At this time, they still don’t know when they’ll be able to resume   They’ve rescheduled the game for Wednesday night. I’m not sure, but I don’t think any World Series has ever been stopped mid-game due to rain…. now I guess they can add SNOW to the list of weather factors? Can they officially call this a snow delay?


9 Responses

  1. OH MY! That is crazy! I hope it clears off before Halloween. It’s been cold and even rainy in years past here, but never snow. Stay warm!

  2. And I thought the weather was bad at our house today! You win–yours is worse!

  3. It looks wonderful! I love snow. Your boys are going to love playing in it too.
    uh…was the wrong thing to say?

  4. NOOOOOOOOOO!!! Snow should not fall before Thanksgiving! Hmph…
    I am with Sharkey in thinking my weather was bad here. It was/is cold and rainy and sleeting at times. Brrrr..I am not ready for this.

  5. we did not get any snow here just crappy rain. It is so bone chilling cold here. Hard to believe we are a half hour apart and you had snow and we didnt. If it is going to be this cold I want it to snow.

  6. My parents are in the mtns of NC, and they, too, got snow. I don’t remember an October snow happening for YEARS, but it was pretty common when I was growing up. Global warming? Who knows? Hope it’s gone for trick-or-treating!

  7. Just found your blog. How fun to find a local crafter blogger!! I was at the Whole Foods in Jenkintown and my jaw just dropped when I looked out the window and saw the snow pouring down.

  8. oh my goodness…and here i was complaining about little snow flakes that melt before hitting the ground here in pittsburgh!

  9. Yet another reason the Padres should be the NL World Series team every year!

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