How blogging has affected my marriage

This is the conversation the other night in my house, after the kids were in bed.

Bill:  I’m running to the store for milk, do you need anything?”

 Me:  “Ummm…. no, I don’t think so.”

 Bill:  “I was just wondering, in case you wanted a Snickers Bar or something”.

 Me:  “Well… <thinking>….. I wouldn’t be upset if one happened to make it’s way home with you”.

 Bill:  “Enough said”.

This conversation led to me daydreaming of peanut-chocolatey goodness for the next 15 minutes or so as I waited for his return from the store.  Then, I finally heard the front door creak open, and the rustle of a plastic bag.  One by one, the footsteps up the steps got louder and louder. The door to my sewing room opened, and Bill promptly deposited a pack of Ho-Ho’s on my work table. 

Me:  “What’s that?  Where’s my Snickers bar?”

Bill:  “Well… these were six for a dollar, and the Snickers were, like, 79 cents each”.

Me:   “You don’t tell a woman you’re bringing home a Snickers, and then come home with HO-HO’S!!… Much less a PREGNANT woman!!!   You are SOOOO getting blogged about”.


17 Responses

  1. But look at the value and savings…

  2. Haha…I threaten my family all the time about how I am going to blog about things they do. But then I forget. But this is for sure something you don’t forget.

    How could he not bring you a snickers? Even if it was a “good value”? So did you send him back out for one?

    BTW, please email me when you have a chance. I need to ask you about Etsy stuff.

  3. And let’s not badmouth the creamy chocolaty delight that is the Ho Ho.

  4. A Snickers by any other name is… not a Snickers!

    Shame on Bill.

  5. Sorry, Dave, but when you’re expecting a Snickers, a Ho-Ho just
    WILL…. NOT…. DO.

  6. I hope he went right back out and got you one….

  7. You see, I think Bill bought you a Snickers, but the Viking, Pilgrim, and Henry VIII ate it on the way home. So Bill was forced to dip into his own secret Ho Ho stash for you.

  8. oh…this is tough…by no means is a Ho-Ho a snickers bar…but oh my goodness…put those Ho-Ho’s in the fridge…when they are nice and cold…SLICE OF HEAVEN i tell you.

    of course…a snickers bar…it’s yummy for the tummy ANY TIME…ANY WAY;my favorite way is frozen…fun size frozen snickers…i had to give up buying them for Halloween, they never made it.

    hmmm…i guess i have a thing for “cold” sweets…and yet i am not a big fan of ice cream…i am so weird.

  9. He deserves to be blogged about. That is unforgivable. And just out of solidarity to women, I might blog about him too.

  10. So wait a minute.

    Maybe I am reading too much into this, but to me, this would translate as my husband feeling that I am not worth 79 cents?? I am growing his child for him…suffering from swollen feet, sore cervix (mine ached now and again, especially at the end. I never even noticed the thing, unless I was pregnant) heartburn, wee feet sticking in the ribcage, etc etc and the man put the idea of a snickers in your mind and then doesn’t deliver??

    Wow. Dude. This is just WRONG. *shaking head*

    Also, what IS a ho ho?? I am from Canada and I have heard of the things but…they sound weird. Is it like a twinky or something?? Those things are NASTY.

  11. LOL You would see steam blowing out of my ears as I marched to the store to get at snickers bar.

  12. Did you ever roll your eyes when Bill would say that (I’m going to blog about this)?

  13. That is totally unforgivable…and just goes to show that men just-DONT-GET-IT. LOL

  14. Hey Lauren! I have given you an award!

    Also on the same blog, there is a few pictures of Kelsie in the Pebbles Costume. Thank you SO much again!!

  15. The nerve of some men!

  16. I often stop laughter with Claire and ask if I can post about what just happened. It is a sickness…Bloggitis.

  17. I feel your pain! Preggo and a hubby that would do the same thing. Funny but NOT funny at the same time! Dude he best bought you a snickers the next day!

    (found you through way of Sewmamasew comment – LOVE the robot costume!)

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