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And the winner is…

#20!!  Congrats to Sheila!  Woo-hoo!  I’m excited for you!  Please email me your contact information when you get a chance & I’ll get you squared away with your booty.  The email you left with your comment does not seem to be valid.  I will share what the prize is with everyone on Monday.

And to everyone else- muchos gracias for all of your GREAT tips- now I have no excuses to not be clean, organized, and well fed (and now I also know how to clean my guns).

All this crafting has put me in a holiday kind of mood, and I anticipate getting into the “giving” season, so check back for some more fun giveaways/contests in the future.  Thanks for playing, and for some, thanks for de-lurking- it’s nice to know ya’ll.


4 Responses

  1. Damn! I’ll just have to seek my revenge on you at Bunco!

  2. Im so excited,,, I never win anything.. Not sure what email that I used but I have two, they are and Thanks

  3. I didn’t enter so I couldn’t win, lol. But I caught your blog link under the tag search for ‘giveaway’ and I couldn’t help myself, I had to leave you a comment – your blog is so cute!! My daughter and I are admiring those adorable hats as I type. And your header and name are genius. Just thought I’d let you know I found a new blog to add to my blog roll if that’s okay with you!! :0)

  4. Congratulations, Sheila!

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