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Hey, great tips everyone!!  I’m so excited I’m getting so many good ideas for getting my life in order, especially before the new little one arrives.  Keep the tips coming– don’t forget, you still have until 8 p.m. EST on Friday, 10/24 to get your entry in for the giveaway (see the previous Potluck post if you haven’t already).

Also, some of the hats are now available in the shop!  I will be adding more later this week, but I need to take a few more pictures of the newer ones, and with the kids wearing them as well.  I also would like to list some pandas & white bunnies, but I’m currently out of white fleece, so they might need to wait until this weekend when I can get to the fabric store… oh dear, another trip to the fabric store….


5 Responses

  1. Those two are my favorite! They are just so cute!

  2. What?…anoTHER trip to the fabric store?

  3. Listen Bill, if you want Lauren to support you through your old age, she must go to the fabric store.

  4. those are way to cute some how i found you looking for things on my 10 month olds birth defect esophageal atresia , but anyways what a great blog

  5. My husband’s god daughter would love the pink one. These are fabulous.

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