Through a Child’s Eyes

We had a Mother’s Tea the other day at Maxfield’s school.  I, along with the other moms, came back for the last hour of school to enjoy a snack made by the kids, stories, a “do together” craft, and some quality playtime.  It was fun to let him take the lead and show me around “his school”, although since this is our second year here, we’re pretty much old hat. 

Max has his own placemat that they made at the beginning of the year for him to use everyday at snacktime.  For our special day, the kids also each made a special placemat for the mommies to use during said snack.  This is what Max made for me:




The operative word here is “because”, not “despite”…. I confirmed this with Max.  I also confirmed that those are indeed boobs, not shoulders or hands, as previously thought…




15 Responses

  1. Lol…when is Max expecting his child? His belly is bigger than yours in the picture he drew. 🙂

  2. That is the sweetest drawing! I am glad you went and had such a good time with your little guy. I am sure he loved it!

  3. hee-hee!

  4. I’d have to go back through the archives, but doesn’t this look a lot like little William’s mommy drawing?

    Once when my kid was about Max’s age, I said something about being fat, and she said, “I love you fat.” Works for me.

  5. I went back to William’s post. I must apologize to Max. William was deranged. Max is fine. 🙂

  6. OMG- Hilarious!! The things kids say.

  7. Outstanding…thanks for the belly laugh!

  8. OMG that is hysterical. I love it.

  9. And this is why you will hug and kiss him even though he has made a huge mess in the living room right after you cleaned it up. Little stinkers. They know how to weave the magic!

  10. So does that mean he has boobs too?? Looks like he does. Well good for him, then.

    This is actually VERY good art here. Seriously. For his age?? Very good. I hope he keeps enjoying it and nothing squashes his creativity and joy of drawing/painting what he wants and feels.

  11. Wait…maybe soon he will draw himself with his penis pit?? teehee

    How precious!

  12. Just read Bill’s post about the book. HA!

  13. You’re lucky for having a sweet child. Although I don’t have a kid for now I can say that having a kid at home gives you so much happiness. Al least Max loves your big belly. Children’s thought are always something that gives you reason to smile. Maybe you should keep that drawing and show him when he grow up, how good is that idea?

  14. Too funny. I guess he is trying to tell you that he wants a baby too.

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