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Crunch Time

I’m going to be tied up the rest of this week getting ready for my craft show, so the house won’t get cleaned, the family will be eating a lot of sandwiches for dinner, and I will not be posting anything new until next week.  If you’re a local, and you’re around on Sunday, Oct. 5th, please stop by & say hi- I’ll be at the Jenkintown Library from 12-4.  I’m also going to wait until next week to update the shop, in anticipation of a complete sell-out (HA!! HA!!), but here are a few bags that I’ve been working on (better photos to come):






I’m also working on some baby gift sets & kids’ stuff, so stay tuned… Have a great week, everyone!


7 Responses

  1. Oh! Your bags are gorgeous! Once again, I love the way you put colors and fabrics together, these are beautiful and very well done with straight seams, etc.! I also love that you have your own label to go inside everything, where did you get those?? Lovely attention to the details!! I hope you sell out of everything!!

  2. sandwiches…?

  3. Good Luck at the craft show! I love your halloween pin cushion!

  4. OMG, I LOVE the bags!!!!!!!!

  5. I need a bag to lug around all my law books now that I am no longer slacking. Whatever you dont sell at the show I want!!!!!! I so wich I could go, was trying to figure how I could get there this weekend as I am in NY, but no time.

  6. i love the one in the middle!

  7. Good luck with the show! Your creations are beautiful, I’m sure it will go well!

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