Size Matters

This is the conversation at the Lowe’s Home Garden Center checkout last night:


Checkout girl:   “Wow…. did you load all this stuff in the cart yourself?”


Me:   “Yeah… I know, I’m stupid”.


Checkout girl:  “Oh, well we’ll get someone to walk out with you & load it in your car”.


Me:   “That’s ok, my husband’s out there.  We… can’t control our children”.


Checkout girl:   “How far along are you?”


Me:   “25 weeks”.


Checkout girl:   “WOW!  That’s as big as I got my WHOLE PREGNANCY!”


Me:  “…”.


11 Responses

  1. Then you “accidentally” dropped a shovel on her head 12 times, right? ;o)

    Don’t feel bad, I was ginormous with my last. Seems that subsequent pg’s show earlier and show bigger the more the pg progresses. I bet you look lovely.

  2. Yes but I am sure you are much hotter than the check girl will ever be.

  3. Thank you for my first outloud laugh of the day, and a break from politics. “We…can’t control our children, so we thought we’d have another. ” You two are wonderful parents. This post so reminds me of the day the Kohl’s cashier gave me the senior discount, when I was 45 and thought I looked kinda OK that day.
    And what William said.

  4. Wow- that was rude.. I’ll bet she felt stupid for saying that after you left.. at least I would hope she did.

  5. haha I doubt she thought she was rude at all. People just don’t know what’s appropriate or inappropriate to say these days. I’m betting the check out girl’s mouth was big enough to insert her foot in some day when she figures it all out. 🙂

    Oh and the chances of carrying bigger after one, if now two, kids is a lot greater. It’s because your body remembers and wants to bounce right back there just to get things ready for you. Trust me. I know!

  6. I am with Bill.

  7. I feel for ya!

    With my last pregnancy I was 34 weeks and shopping at the farmers market when one of the vendors said, “oh, you are about pop, huh? You are walking to get the baby to come–I mean you are so big!” Um, thanks….NOT!

    With the same pregnancy I was shopping at a fancy shmancy store in another town. I was new to the area and had never been in that shop. I was just perusing, ya know? This clerk comes along next to me and asks if I need help. I said that I was just shopping. Then she looked at my bulging belly and said, “We don’t have anything for YOU in here….except maybe shoes.”

  8. It’s sad that people don’t think before they speak. I’m sure you’re as gorgeous as always.

  9. Ugh! You’ve got to be kidding me! I’ve heard stories from others about things like this too, but I never had anyone say things like that when I was prego. I was huge! Like I almost couldn’t fit through a doorway! Okay, slightly smaller than that, but still! I loved being prego and huge! It was so much fun. I am sure you look amazing and even if you are big, well this is number 3 AND the bigger you are, the more room baby has to move around.

    Speaking of which, lets see some baby bump huh??

    have a great weekend!

  10. Long, long ago, when I was pregnant, I went out for a walk. I caught sight of another pregnant lady and I smugly thought…She’s enormous! Well, as I got closer It was my reflection in the mirrored glass. Yes. I felt terrible. That huge fat lady was ME!
    So sad.

  11. At least you had a sense of humor about it!!! LOL I am guessing she was 18? I can totally relate. I was a very large and adorable hippo by the time mine arrived!!! In fact, I still pretty much am!!!! 😀 Did I mention she arrived 4 years ago……LOL

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