Here are some of my highlights from this weekend, in no particular order:  

~  Seeing the boys play and laugh together.  I’ve said it before, siblings truly enjoying each other is the most rewarding thing in the world for a parent.

~  Having the perfect weather conditions AND enough energy to get some much needed yard work started on Sunday. 

~  Seeing Ben Folds play at the Mann Music Center with the Philadelphia Chamber Orchestra.   Despite a hurricane, we made it there in one piece, and our seats were under cover, so the rain actually made it kind of nice.  After discussing with Bill, I realized that I haven’t been to a concert in 5 years!!  For me, that’s absolutely shameful, but I guess Max was born 4 1/2 years ago, so there you go.  Anyway, Ben delivered a great show– I was impressed by how much I laughed… the man is funny.  And intelligent.  His witty humor is apparent on stage and in his lyrics.  Plus, anyone who can write a song about the time they fell off stage & cracked their head open in front of thousands of people gets points in my book.  My only gripe– he only played one encore song.  In all my years of concert going (including other Ben Folds shows) I have never, EVER experienced an artist only coming back out for just ONE song & that’s it.  I guess he’s getting up there in years & it was getting close to his bedtime?

~  Wyatt, after getting into the (clean) laundry basket, running into the living room, my underwear wrapped around his neck, yelling, “Mommy, I superman!”.

~  Watching the sun stream through the Japanese maple seeds hanging on the tree in our back yard, creating an intense, red glow around them .  I’m really blown away by just how beautiful nature can be sometimes. 

~  A lunch out, and not one, but TWO meals cooked for me by my dear husband.  I do have to say that he usually cooks on the weekends, but I probably don’t let him know often enough just how much I appreciate it.

~  Getting fresh haircuts for the boys.  Today is Max’s first day of preschool, and they were both WAY overdue.  I love how cute & handsome they look with a clean, fresh cut.

~  Sleeping in until 7:40 on Sunday.  I know, it doesn’t sound like much, but for someone who routinely gets up between 4:30 & 5am, that was quite a treat, even if it wasn’t to the smell of bacon & pancakes 🙂


I hope you all had as great a weekend as I did.


5 Responses

  1. Oh what about making out with your husband in a parked car….oh that is right…that did not happen.

  2. yeah, because YOU had to pee…

  3. First, I love how your hubby comments on your blog:) I come here not only because I love how you write, Lauren, but also to enjoy you two banter back and forth:)

    Second -PHOTOS!?!? LOL I would love to see the boys with their new haircuts when you get a chance.

    I remember the sleeping in thing and what a treat it was. My second son never slept past 5:30 from the time he was about 9 months until he was three or four…*sigh*

    Your husband cook?? Wow…yet another point for him…

    So forgive me for being old and REALLY lame with computers. I am not sure how to buy those cute cupcake pincushions?? I thought I went to your little shop, but I didn’t see prices or anything??? When you can, could you please e-mail me any info??? I want to start sewing with my daughter and I would love for us each to have one of those.

  4. Your husband cooks? Like really cooks, not just heats stuff up? Was he like that when you got him?

  5. I always love your little highlight posts 🙂 makes me want to appreciate the little things in life more.


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