On the Road to Recovery

Thanks everyone for the kinds words and sympathy about Max’s toe.  I’m happy to report that it’s healing nicely, and he’s pretty much back to normal aside from the occasional, “OOOOOWWWWW”  when Wyatt or the dog accidentally steps on it.  As a matter of fact, Monday, the day after said incident, we were able to go to the lake for a picnic, and Max was bouncing around on it fine.

I’ve mentioned before that one of the boys’ favorite pasttimes is throwing rocks in the water.  On our walk, we came to a floating pier, with a small rocky beach beside it.  The boys begged to throw rocks.  “Why not?” we said.  I opted to stay on the pier to snap photos and basically not have to bushwhack my way to & fro, as there was but one entrance through brush & bramble to this beach.  One entrance which I now refer to as The Gateway of Doom.


See, it wasn’t until our group exited said beach that I looked at the big honkin’ bush they had only moments before pushed their way through, and said, “Hmm… that looks like poison ivy…. a REALLY BIG bush of poison ivy.”

In recent months I have become somewhat of an amateur poison ivy spotter, ever since Bill took out the mass of weeds in our backyard with Wyatt helping him.  They both came down with it, and somehow I did, too, even though I was nowhere near the stuff.  Knowing we had some in our backyard, I’ve (sort of) educated myself in what it looks like, etc.  and this looked like a mother of a bush.

“Nah”, said Bill, “We’re fine”.  We wiped down the kids as best we could with wipes just to be safe, and went about enjoying our picnic.  It really was a beautiful day to be at the lake:





Anyway, have you figured out where I’m going with this yet?  After a beautiful day out with the family, my new-found eye for poison ivy,  some makeshift clean-up efforts, and my own avoidance of the Gateway of Doom, guess who ends up with the nasty rash… AGAIN??!!??  Seriously, I haven’t had this stuff since I was about 10 years old…. I thought I had built up an immunity.


Life is so not fair.


At least the boys are ok for now….


10 Responses

  1. Hey Lauren,

    You really need to invest in Tecnu. It’s a soap/scrub that prevents poison ivy. I’ve never used it but my husband worked at CVS in college & swears by it. Even after exposure to the poison, you can use it to prevent the rash from spreading & itching. Good luck!


  2. I think some people are more suseptible (sp?) than others.

    One time I was walking through the woods, I had jeans on, and I still got poison ivy on my upper legs.

    I hope it doesn’t get too bad.

  3. Those are some LOVELY pictures… I can almost feel what a great day it was.

    I’m so sorry that you have poison ivy… and you’re right, at least the boys are ok.

  4. Cute family! Sorry about the poison. 😦

  5. I think I got spam-assassined! I posted a comment earlier about a product called tecnu that prevents poison ivy. The comment never showed. Anyway, it’s a scrub that if you use it, you won’t get the rash & if you have the rash, it will stop the spreading & itching. I’ve never used it but my husband worked at CVS & used to recommend it all the time. He still swears by it. Hope it can help you!

  6. sorry you got it again! i hope the pine soap works for you 🙂
    sending cyber-sympathy your way….

  7. Remind me never to work at a CVS where Michelle’s Husband worked…it seems like that place was covered in poison ivy plants.

  8. I hope the rash clears up soon. (Shudder) My husband is sensitive to it and allergic. Within hours of the rash appearing, he starts to get huge open sores. (Shudder)

  9. The Guy in the Red shirt…totaly hot. He makes it work.

  10. Ugh I feel for you… worst case of poison ivy I ever had was when I was 7 months preggers— all across my stomach and chest- which of course was greatly expanded past my normal size. Hopefully your rashes aren’t anywhere near that size.

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