Proud Mama

Being an artist, I have always tried to instill creativity in my kids. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t really know how one does that, other than exposure to different things, and maybe asking some thought-provoking questions about what they observe. I try to remain open as much as possible to their desire to make a mess for the sake of creating, but often, my efforts have fallen short.

Up until now, Max’s interest in drawing has been limited to a few scribbles on a page, completed in about 4.2 seconds, and then on to something else. He likes to write his name, which I’m thrilled about, and every time I would pick him up from preschool last year he would have at least one scribble drawing with his very well written name on top. I would always open up his backpack to see what he made that day, excited to see if he’d had any breakthroughs, but with genuine overall interest.  Always scribbles.

Sometimes I would catch one of the other kids showing their mom what they drew, and actually feel a little envious.  I know… it’s ridiculous.  I remember one little girl drew her whole family, complete with arms, legs, hands… the whole shebang. It was then that I finally decided his talents must just lie elsewhere. And I accepted that.

Then, almost out of the blue, about 2-3 weeks ago, an explosion happened in this house.  A creative explosion.  It involved chalk.  And crayons.  And markers.  All of a sudden, it all must’ve clicked for my little budding artist, because he’s been a madman with the sidewalk chalk, etc. ever since.  More than anything, I love to hear about his thought process.  “Mom, I’m going to draw you at the hobspittal having the baby”.  A few minutes later, he shows me his representation of a building with a face looking out one of the windows. 

“Is that me?”  I said. 


“Is it the baby?”


“Well, who is it?”

“It’s me looking out the window, telling daddy it’s getting dark out”.


Here are some of his earlier works, in his self-portrait period: 



Yes, he may be wearing a skirt and a belly shirt in this one, but check out those manly shoulders (or boobs?)



Next, the Max train (I had to photograph it upside down & flip it, since it was too close to the house):



Two more to complete our sidewalk chalk series:




Uni-brow Octopus

Uni-brow Octopus



And finally, my favorite to date- He’s big. He’s fierce.  He’s vegetarian.  Behold… the ginormous tree-eating monster:




I couldn’t be more proud! (Sniff, sniff)



11 Responses

  1. Those are awesome! You should scan the tree-eating monster and have it printed as a standount photo.

  2. Or, you know, standOUT. 🙂

  3. Those are fabulous drawings! I love when Izzy gets down to scribble as well and I make sure and keep most of them or in the cases of sidewalk chalk, I take pictures.

    Max sure does have a nack for drawing! I like the choo choo the best!

  4. As a vegetarian myself, very partial to the tree eater.

  5. Wow! Those are great.

    Do you know what would be nice? Scan your favorite, print it on transfer paper, and iron it on to a t-shirt. Or iron transfer it onto to white cloth and make a quilt.

  6. I love them! Im so proud!

  7. WOW! These are seriously AMAZING!

    My kids don’t have much talent, but then neither do I! LOL They all love to draw and paint and make crafts though, so that is nice.

    Have you thought about Monart?? It is EXPENSIVE but amazing. Google it and see if you have a local studio. My kids took classes there for a few months and I was REALLY impressed. I had our home school association’s library in my home for a few years (I was the resource librarian) and we had the book “Drawing with Children” in there. Mona Brookes even came to our local studio! I was thinking of opening my own and everything…still might…

    Anyway, after taking the classes one of my sons won the cover art contest for our HSing Association’s annual yearbook:) They use all mediums. His piece that won was one he did with chalk pastels.

    My almost 16 yob still draws with stick figures:) LOL

  8. just the mid-week pick me up I needed. these are soo cute 🙂

  9. I *heart* the monster. I’d totally frame that and have it on my wall.

    Most everything on the walls of our house that’s “art” is done by our boys, I think it makes the house fun. Congrats on your budding artist!

  10. Eight legs on the octopus! Way cool. Max is a good observer.

    Yesterday the LD class watched Mary Poppins. I love the animated part where they jump into the chalk drawings on the sidewalk.

  11. That monster looks like something out of Dr. Seuss’s Don’t Bump the Glump. Very cute!

    My just turned 5 year old is still mostly interested in scribbles. I always hoped to draw a lot with my kids but so far no one is super interested. 😦

    By the way, we went to Kids Castle yesterday in Doylestown on our way back from the beach in NJ and it was great! Unfortunately there was a TON of traffic through all the major highways in Phili so we cut through and took 611 all the way up. That took forever too and by the time we got there we had about 20 minutes before it started raining pretty hard. All that work to get there and it rained! Grrrrr…We made the most of it and had a blast! If we ever go to/through Phili again then I think we will go back. I’m so glad you posted about it!

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