Sick of cupcakes yet?

Hey, thanks to my purchasers of the cupcake pin cushions!  I hope to get some more listed by the end of this week- you guys rock!  Ok, so, I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed, but I am noticing a definite trend here….  This is part of what I sent to  Joanna, one of my Pay It Forward recipients:


In addition to a few things for her, I made two apron sets, one for each of her girls.  Please ignore all of the wrinkles!  I didn’t exactly follow any instructions to make the apron, but there is a tutorial posted on Block A Day if you’d like to give it a try (I simplified a bit).  It’s fully reversible, and, not that I have pictures of the backside, but it sort of has a Holiday flava…

I had fun making all of the baked goods (you can kind of see the backside in this pic- again, ignore those wrinkles!):

They’re all Wyatt-approved (and luckily still drool-free).  I wouldn’t let him near the ones with the tiny beads, though.  I may make a few sets for the shop, since the kidlets seem to like them as play food, and in this age of lead-painted toys,  sometimes handmade is better…

Anyway, for some more linky-love, I just have to share this tutorial I found from Bakerella.  It’s for cupcake pops!  Apparently, Nickelodeon has a website: For every back-to-school tip or recipe you give, they’ll make a donation to Feed the Children’s Kid’s School Basics Program. You can leave tips through September 25th. And if you do leave a tip, be sure to say so in the comments on this postat Bakerella, because you could win some goodies!  I haven’t left a tip yet, but I’m planning on it.

Photo courtesy of Bakerella

Photo courtesy of Bakerella

Her cupcakes are true works of art, but the pops were even featured on a Martha Stewart segment (you can watch it here— take a peek if you want to hear Martha use the word “terd-like”- funny!) I am SO making these for Max’s birthday this year!


7 Responses

  1. you have amazing talent. Wrinkles? What wrinkles?

    Now that I’m hungry from looking at all the goodies, it’s time for lunch…….

  2. That is the most amazing apron I have ever seen. I am a lover of aprons. I do a lot of cooking, so clothes are constantly being ruined. Those are great!

  3. Beautiful apron. Are those cookie pin chusions? Please say yes. My sister would love those.

  4. I love it! Thank you so much again Lauren, you are awesome!

  5. Hey! I love your blog and the products you create. Thats why I decided to ask you what would you suggest I start off with? I have a sewing machine and would love to start using it. Any suggestions of something simple and easy to start?

  6. I am loving your cup cake goodies – Miranda’s party is on next sunday – I am thinking a cup cake party is in order -mmmmm Thanks for the ideas. Now all I need is the time to create

  7. Lurker here 🙂 just coming out from under my rock to say that….
    I tried and tried and TRIED (yes I tried 3 times) to make those cute cupcake cakes. Mine did not look like cupcakes, but more like Cupblobs! They tasted yummy tho.
    However your Chocolate Zucchini cake…..AWSOME!!

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