It’s Official

Today was our halfway-point Ultrasound.  If you’re interested, you can find out what we’re having by clicking here.


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  1. Ha! Three boys! I understand alllll about that, having FOUR sons myself! Congrats!

  2. Tell William to stop, ehem, “Bogarting” the boys.

    All my friends are having girls.

  3. I bet Bill is running around puffing out his chest that he’s a “boy” making machine.

    May God grant you strength!

    Congratulations on another wonder child!

  4. I meant “wonderful” not wonder.

  5. Awesome!! Congrats!

  6. How wonderful! I hope you enjoy being the only Queen in the house.

  7. Another troop for the Little Boy Army! Congrats and continued wishes for a healthy pregnancy!!

  8. Congrats–two more and you’ll have a basketball team! 🙂

  9. Welcome to the My Three Sons Club!

    It is nice being the only girl, really! 🙂

  10. Congratulations! That’s wonderful. They’ll have so much fun together while you are rocking in the corner sucking your thumb. 😉

  11. Congratulations! Boys are a blast as you well know! Hey don’t feel bad…it took me having QUADS to get my girl…& after all that work I still only got one girl out of the deal! lol!

  12. WOOHOOO…another boy…how fun…even though i was secretly wishing for a girl to throw some sugar and spice in the mix more snips and snails will be excellent!

  13. 🙂 Congratulations. (Chip? Ernie? What was the other one?)

  14. Mike, Robbie and Chip. Ernie was someone they brought in later to keep the three sons thing going when the oldest left.

    Cogratulations on your new (on the way) boy.

  15. CoNgratulations…I do know how to spell, I swear.

  16. Congrats! And hurray for hand-me-downs!

  17. Awww…Congratulations!!

  18. Congratulations!! Have you thought about names yet? Awww….3 boys!

  19. Congratulations! Three sons is good. Oldest, Middle , Youngest
    Each of mine was a surprise until he came out, but looking back, I’m kinda glad I was the only girl.
    Although I did make sure the cat is a female, just in case being out-numbered got to me.

  20. Congratulations Lauren! I am so excited for you guys!!

  21. Hee hee! Congratulations!!

  22. As you know, I also have three sons. I was convinced we were having a girl with the third, just because God had clearly shown me that I was going to have a girl. It never occurred to me that we would go on to have another child. We had agreed on three but got a surprise when our third little man was very young and THAT was our girl!

    We were not going to find out what the third one was but about a month before he was born there was some concern about something and they called me in for another ultrasound. I tried not to look, but you could not miss it. LOL I asked her, ‘Is that what I think it is??” and she confirmed. I cried and cried the entire drive home. I felt such guilt for crying and now this third boy is my dream child. I adore him SO MUCH and I know you will adore this third one. As you know, they honestly are AMAZING! The more boys the better, I say! As I am sure your MIL will agree with:)

    And no offense to anyone who has a bunch of girls, but I would much prefer all boys or mostly boys to vice versa. I was completely and totally obsessed with having a girl. It was ALWAYS on my mind. I wanted to know what it was like. And you will too, one day! Just keep having these adorable babies:)

  23. CONGRATULATIONS Lauren, welcome to the “boys” club!!

  24. Yay! Congratulations!!

  25. Congrats Lauren! My neighbor has three boys. I will pray for you.

  26. Three boys is wonderful. Congratulations.

  27. Congratulations! That’s wonderful!

  28. Congratulations on your very exciting news!

    MMMM 3 boys I have no experience with boys but at least you will not have to buy any new clothes or redecorate, they can all share a room, toys etc. think of all the cost cutting. And with number 3 you will be old hand with what’s to come.

  29. Welcome to the “3 boys club”…I’m in that club, too. A lot of dirt, mud, frogs, salamanders and noise in this club, but a lot of fun, too. 🙂

  30. lol congrats!!! My dh’s family only produces boys as well. His parents had 3 sons and each of the 2 sons that are dads have fathered sons. I brought the only girls in, by marriage. Congrats again.

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