For the Calorie-Conscious

I finished these last night:

All of the fun, but none of the calories!  These pincushions were made using this tutorial, by Schmaltzy Craftsy.  Check out here site, her things are amazing!  I put my own spin on them with the cupcake theme.  They are made from old soda bottle caps & are only about 2″ tall.  I like the fact that these could also be used as play food for a child (or an adult, if you’re like me!).  My blanket stitch still needs some work, but I’m not hating the hand sewing as much as I used to.  I think I just may have to make several dozen more!

I also finished this baby quilt top last night:

It took me way longer to decide on the fabrics than it did to sew it all together.  It’s only about 2 months late… and still not finished!

While I was putting together this post, I noticed things in the other room got really quiet, which, anyone knows with kids, is almost never a good thing.  I entered the kitchen to this:

Wyatt on the window sill.  Notice the big ol’ pincushion full of very sharp pins?  This little guy never ceases to keep me on my toes!  Now, would you please excuse my while I go pull him out of the toilet?


8 Responses

  1. Oh my gosh–those cupcakes are SOOOOO cute!!! I want one, and I don’t even sew.

    Love the photo of Wyatt–great capture!

  2. Love the cupcakes. And I’m so tickled when you take pictures like this. You are a truly bitten blogger. Non-blogging moms would be all, “Wyatt, you may not climb up there!” as they grabbed the pincushion away. But a blogging mom is all, “OMG! Wait, I gotta take your picture before I correct you…” Love it. Blogging moms capture much more of what parenting is all about, don’t you think? Wish I’d known of blogging when my kid was this age. But then, I barely knew of computers when my kid was this age.

  3. I have soft spot for cupcakes and minitures. Great job!

    I really love the lighting in Wyatt’s photo.

  4. Hee hee! The clowns are finally getting to the “quiet is a good thing” stage… but I still get nervous when I don’t hear them.

    Awesome pin cushions!

  5. Thanks for the link! You did a GREAT job!

    As time went on I find I stopped doing blanket stitch and now sew everything with a plain evenly spaced whip. If you match threads a snice whip will practically vanish.

  6. Those pin cushions are so cute! Great job and thanks for the link. I remember when my boys were 2 and 3. Always on the go and getting into something! Have fun.

  7. Those cupcakes are DARLING!

    Are you selling them?? If so, how does one purchase some?

    Wyatt is precious! I had to wait to have our third until my second was almost 4. He was SUCH a handful and my pregnancies pretty much incapacitate me, so I had to wait a while to make sure I could keep a really close eye on my second one. My first never got into anything and my second made up for it!

  8. I think the cupcakes are lovely!
    Thanks for the link. I may try to make something for Christmas time. I may do a British Christmas pudding design on the pin cushion. I am always looking for something I can make that is small but crafty. I think this just might fit the bill. Cheers.

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