Back to Reality

We had a good couple of days away over a long weekend.  The kids had a great time down the shore.  I didn’t realize it, but this was Wyatt’s first time at the beach.  He loved playing in the sand (he kept asking to go back to the sandbox), but wasn’t too crazy about the ocean.  Max, on the other hand, practically grew fins, and almost lost his shorts to a particularly randy wave. 

Little Guy discovers worlds largest sandbox

Little Guy discovers world's largest sandbox

Rolling down the sand hills

Rolling down the sand hills

We also hit the Cape May Zoo, but lost a little steam when we realized that we showed up an hour before they opened.  Luckily there was a playground, which kept the wee ones happy, but then the humidity hit, and crankiness set in.  The kids weren’t that happy, either.  

The next day, we headed up to Storybook Land, which I would highly recommend to anyone with toddlers/preschoolers.  Max could go on every single ride, and with the exception of the Bubbles the Roller Coaster, Wyatt could, too.  And the rides aren’t totally boring for adults, either.  The other great thing is that, although there’s not a lot of indoor activities (i.e., air conditioning), there is a small splash park for the kids, and almost the entire park is beautifully landscaped and shaded by mature trees.

By midday, despite everyone being tired and in meltdown mode, Max still wanted to pose for this picture:

Behave, or else!

Behave, or else!


All in all, it was a fun time, albeit too short, but isn’t every vacation too short?


10 Responses

  1. I’m glad you all had a great time! It’s just not a vacation if the kids (and maybe the parents) don’t have a tantrum or two. 😉

    Great photos!

  2. Hi Lauren

    I love that you started your own blog. If I can figure it out again I will add you to my blogg roll.

    I am interested in your third pregnancy because we are thinking about a third baby. My girls are the same age as your boys. Let me know anything you think is important.

    I will keep coming back to visit. Give those boys a hug!!!

  3. Wow, I glanced at that comment your husband left and was momentarily scared for you:) Then I saw who left it and I giggled.

    Looks like a wonderful time! I wonder how many of your kids will acquire you AND Bill’s writing talent?? You are both so great at it and keep us laughing.

    Is it just me or is Wyatt’s hair a lot thicker than Max’s?? I can’t get over how much they remind me of my two oldest boys! Just the similarities in the personalities (what I gather from video and you guys talking about them, etc) and everything. It is amazing!

    Now when are you and Bill going away for a weekend just the two of you?? I hope you find time to do that very soon:)

  4. the people in your family are beautiful

  5. Boy, Wyatt sure has changed in his looks over the last few months. Cuter by the day. Both of them are. And why did you hide that cute baby bump behind the horse? You look great!

  6. Looks like a great time!

    Glad to see some people can still get away with young kids!

  7. Oh God, I LOVE Storybook Land. Is it wrong to want to go back at my age? I was only there once when I was a kid and I think I was about 3. Needless to say I don’t remember much.

    I’m glad you and the family had a good time!

  8. i’ve only just jumped on your blogbandwagon and have been reading blindly without being able to put a face onto your entries ( never went to the archives) ..

    so this was a pleasant surprise!!!

    you’re so pretty 🙂 i loved the feel good nature of this post! just the mid week pick me up i needed.

  9. I had no idea this place existed, and I’m from jersey! It looks cute; I’ll have to take the kids next time we visit my folks.

    glad you had a great vacation!

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