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Grandpa's Wonder Pine Tar Soap

Grandpa's Wonder Pine Tar Soap


When I was pregnant with Wyatt, at about week 35-36, I developed PUPPP, which is something no woman should EVER have to experience, much less while she is about to burst with baby.  Anyway, if you’re unfamiliar, which hopefully you are, it’s a dreadful rash that develops on the belly and spreads, sometimes as far as down the arms & legs.  It usually starts in the stretch marks (not the case with me), and grows to the point where your belly is just like one humongous hive.  The itching is…. intense, to say the least.  My Doctor was not much help, he told me to take Caladryl & Benadryl & not to worry, it’ll resolve itself after childbirth…. umm…. yeah, up to six weeks later.  That was absolutely unacceptable.  Think the worst case of poison ivy you’ve ever had and multiply it 50 or 60 times.  I’m not exaggerating in the least, this thing was TORTURE! 

The Caladry & Benadryl did absolutely nothing, and the itching got more & more intense until I was literally about to jump out of my skin, or at the very least, wishing for a quick demise.  In complete desperation, I searched the internet for help, and found lots of suffering women on numerous message boards.  I was shocked to learn how many were actually contemplating suicide, it had gotten so bad.  There was plenty of talk of steroids as a solution, but the obvious risks to the baby made that a deal breaker for me.  I was considering asking my Doctor for an early induction when finally, I came across Naomi’s PUPPP page.  On it she’d posted several remedies with effectiveness ratings.  I desperately scanned them all for the highest rated suggestions, and found the Grandpa’s soap.  I searched some more message boards & found a lot more testimonials as to its efficacy, so I rushed to the health food store as quickly as possible to get me some sweet relief.   

As soon as I got home, I put Max down for his nap & hopped in the shower.  I literally felt a difference immediately.  The smell leaves a bit to be desired, but I was so desperate, I would’ve rubbed feces all over me if I thought it would help.  I showered with it three times a day for the next two days, and by then, the rash was 75 % gone.  I could sleep again!  I had my life back!  It was a miracle!  Within a week, the rash was completely gone, something that most Doctors will tell you is not possible until after you give birth.  This soap was the anwer to my prayers.

Thankfully, once you get PUPPP, you rarely ever get it again with subsequent pregnancies.  However, last week, after Bill was out in the yard removing a weed-infested patch of lillies, he noticed a small rash that had developed on his forearm a few days later.  It was so small, that we didn’t think much of it, until the next day, when what I thought was a bug bite on my chest turned into a full-blown red, bumpy, ITCHY, war zone.  WTF?  I didn’t set foot in the yard that day!

So again, after days of trying Caladryl in vain, the rash kept getting worse, spreading to my neck & arms (Bill did end up getting it worse too– I REALLY would’ve been pissed if he got off virtually scott-free.  Love you, honey) I decided it was time to bring out the big guns…. you got it, another dose of Grandpa’s.  And once again, he delivered.  Relief came within days– it probably would’ve been quicker if I had showered 3x’s a day again, but thankfully, the situation was not as desperate this time around.  Bill used it, too, and noticed similar improvement.

So, if you’re ever in the market for an all-natural rash remedy, give it a try.  It may just be your little miracle in a box, too.


8 Responses

  1. NOW you tell me! 🙂

    I really could have used that a couple of years ago for myself, and a couple of weeks ago for Buddy.

    I am very glad that you were able to find something that worked for you… twice! 🙂

  2. Notice…where I got it and then where you got it….Hmmm?

  3. Wow – this would have really helped my sister. She had a horrible case of PUPPP – that lasted for over 2 months. Girlfriend was absolutely miserable, and I felt helpless to do anything for my baby sis!

    I will keep this in mind and recommend to any future sufferers I meet. Thanks for the tip!

  4. … and now poor Wyatt needs it, too. 😦

  5. Thank you so much! I haven’t had PUPPP ever (thank goodnes from the sounds of it!) but I’m prone to odd sets of hives and rashes that nothing can touch either physically OR to get rid of it.

    I’ll be back! Thanks again.

  6. Hi, I came across Noamis’ website today after a week of suffering with Puppps, and like you said there should be no woman suffering this torture!!!! Started in my belly with my stretch marks and spread to my legs, the inner tights and now I notice is going to my arms and hands!!!! Unbelievable!!! This stuff is the worse experience I ever had!!! Not even chicken pocks itch as bad as this!!!!!!! I order Grandpa’s Pine tar Soap in the internet, I hope it helps me (I am 35 weeks pregnant and still have a long 5 weeks plus after childbirth!!!) I also bough SARNA anti-itch lotion which Noami’s website recommends… I just started using this… we will see….. I stop using Benadryl cause I feel that my baby loses energy when I apply this to my body… he used to be more active and I am skeptical on using the hydrocortisone cream 2.5% the doctor gave me (although I used already an entire thing of it and I do not see results).

  7. Big congrats and I hear you on the itching – I had it terribly with my first – luckily with the last I didn’t get it.

    The only thing that worked for me was having the air-con on freezing when I was at home. Poor husband almost froze to death.

  8. Hello! I was the poster on Naomi’s page about 5.5 years ago that put the 1.2.3… instructions for the Grandpa’s Wonder Soap! I am SO glad it has worked so well for others because PUPPP is practically unbearable! I was looking up where to buy it locally for a friend and came across your blog. Anyway, Grandpa’s ROCKS!

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