Hey, Y’all!

Like my southern accent?  A little something I picked up while living in FL…  anyway, sorry it’s been so long since I’ve had anything to say, I guess it’s been a busy week.  The coming weeks are about to get busier, but I’ll try to be a bit more organized…

Not much to report on the home front, I’ve got a few things listed in the shop, but nowhere near what I hope to have in the coming days/week.  I think I need a professional organizer for my life.  I’m not even joking, I do believe I suffer from some kind of ADD lately, I just can’t seem to stay motivated enough to finish my projects…. not just sewing stuff, but anything.  I’ve had the foyer spackled & ready to paint for a week now, the paint was purchased 3 weeks ago, and every day I tell Max he can help me get started while Wyatt naps…. then, nap-time comes along, & I need to lay down, too!

I blame it on the pregnancy… my waistline has finally surpassed Bill’s, and when I hug him from behind, my belly fits perfectly into the small of his back, like a puzzle piece.  My hips and thighs have already gotten so big, I’ve resorted to telling people it’s actually my head that’s shrinking (that would explain a lot of things, really).

Anyway, this is by no means my official shop update announcement, but here’s a little something you’ll be able to find there today:

I simply love this frog fabric, and had just enough to add some detail to this bag- anyone feelin’ froggy?


Have a great weekend!


7 Responses

  1. Oooh! Love it! My son’s school mascot is the tree frog, so I may have to have a closer look!

  2. So cute! (You and the bag.) I can just picture you “puzzling” with Bill. 🙂

    Have you told the boys about the baby yet? Let me know when you’re ready for some maternity photos. 🙂

  3. I believe the ADD comes with kids. =)

    Cute bag! You are so very talented.

  4. You have done it again! : ) I love the little dresses!

  5. Yeah, the third time around really drains the energy.

    I love the look of the purse. Not my style to be carrying around, but still cute, so I know somebody will snatch it up.

  6. Lauren, the bag is really lovely. I like the frog fabric too.
    That tiredness can be overwhelming! Rest when you can, as the painting can always wait.

  7. Oh! That’s cute!

    By all means, REST when you can, darlin.

    Three kids is different than two kids. Really.

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