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First of all, I just want to thank everyone for all the love regarding the alien life form pregnancy.  If I weren’t so stinkin’ tired, I would have made an attempt to respond to all of you personally (and maybe even post something else this week) but the truth is, I’m still struggling with my energy levels.  By the way, for those of you that are of the wagering persuasion, the due date is Jan. 3rd or 4th, depending on which Dr. you ask.  Obviously, we’re ecstatic, and the “Oh shit!” meter has only gone off a few times during some particularly stressful bouts of misbehavin’ on behalf of the two other little aliens that occupy this house.

Anywho…. anybody watch Project Runway?  It’s my new obsession. Wednesday night was the Season 5 premier.  It never really struck me before as something that would be of interest, but I guess I heard enough buzz last season to finally pique my interest.  I’ve been getting caught up with Bravo’s PR marathons they’ve been running this summer.  Now that the new season has started, I’m excited to actually watch it from the beginning, starting with all 16 designers (as opposed to the last 5 or 6, which is where I always seemed to tune in during the day). Only now I can’t FF through the commercials, nor can I watch 3 episodes in a row. <sigh>

And I think I may have developed some kind of crush on Tim Gunn.  Love him! Not in the ‘I want to marry him & have his babies’ kind of way, ’cause, let’s face it, I’m taken, I’ve got enough babies on deck for now, & I have a small inkling he just might be batting for the other team…. But I think I’d like to invite him over for tea & to play some Scattergories… 

So, anyway, about the premier.  I was discussing the first challenge with the Mr. ( don’t let his machismo fool you- he’s just as into it as I am). The contestants had 30 minutes and $75 to purchase all of the materials for their creation.  The only catch was that they weren’t shopping at a fabric store, they were shopping at the grocery store.  I liked the challenge, but I thought it would’ve been nice to see what everyone was capable of before they were thrown into something as wacky as making a dress out of mop heads or plastic cups.  I think a lot of contestants weren’t warmed up yet, froze, & their creativity ended up being stifled. I have to admit that all of the plastic & paper tablecloths strutting down the runway were a disappointment.  If it was me, I would’ve headed straight for the dog food aisle, picked up some 40 lb. bags of dry food (I think they’re made of Tyvek, which sews up like fabric), a few collars for accessories, and maybe even some plush chew toys for a little fur action.  So the model would’ve smelled a little meaty, I’m sure they’ve all smelled worse at some point in their careers…

The other thing is, I wish they would lay out the rules for the audience a bit more clearly…. like, the plastic cup man used muslin as a base for his dress, but clearly, he didn’t get the muslin from the grocery store… isn’t that kind of like cheating?  And what notions are in bounds/out of bounds?  I assume thread is allowed, but what about elastic, buttons, Velcro, etc?  One woman used the spine of a spiral notebook for her closures (genius!), but what did everyone else use?  I know it’s just an hour show, but my inquiring mind wants to know…

On another note, I’ve been working steadily on some new stuff for the shop.  I won’t have a huge inventory right away, but I’ll be having a “re-opening” sometime next week with some summer steals before I update with back to school & fall ditties… so stay tuned and….

…Make it work!   😀


9 Responses

  1. Hey Lauren!! With all the chaos of our move to Texas I missed the news of your pregnancy. Congratulations!!! So exciting. Hope you will get to feeling better real soon 😉

  2. the tyvek from the dog food bags….brilliant! i don’t have a dog, so my mind didn’t immediately jump to that. yes, i totally play along to each challenge. i would love to more of the details, like the muslin issue because when we were watching, i shouted out, “hey, where did he get muslin? they don’t sell that in the grocery store….cuz i’ve looked for it.” i would also like to see more of the sewing, but, yeah, i’m weird like that. i wanted to see the braided mop head top in detail. that was wicked cool and creative. can’t believe the judges didn’t get more excited about that.

    would totally love to hang out with tim gunn. he comes across as a bit stiff at first, but then his warmth just oozes out. i bet he has a wicked sense of humor when he’s off camera, perhaps after a drink or two…. 🙂

    ok. i’ll stop. i could go on and on about PR….and i do quite often. 🙂

  3. I do not watch Project Runway, but I want to. I should start now! And I get the whole non-sexual crush thing. I love Bob the trainer from Biggest Loser and I am 100% convinced he bats for the other team.

  4. LOVE LOVE that show. I just skipped your post after I read some of the PR part because I have it DVRd and haven’t watched yet… but after I watch I will come back and comment again!

    Um about the crush on Tim… I have one too but I’m pretttty sure he isn’t interested in girls anyway… so our husbands are safe.

    Speaking of I think I have a girl-crush on Heidi too… weird?!

  5. I haven’t seen PR. But, I do watch Top Chef. There really are some great shows on Bravo, things you just wouldn’t imagine that network would carry!

  6. I thought I couldn’t love you more! But I do! I love to watch and dish about PR. Like you, I didn’t think I’d like it, but I’ve been hooked for over a year. The TanMan has to GO. As for the muslin, I wondered about that, but thought perhaps it’s “cheesecloth,” that can be found in the grocery store.

    And there is no celebrity on earth with whom I’d rather hang out than Tim Gunn. SO gracious, so dear, LOVE HIM. Wonder if there’s a fan club?

    Oh, and January 6th is a really great day on which to be born. I’m just sayin’…

  7. PR is my favorite show!! I was so happy that another season is starting, since it was on earlier in the year. It usually starts in the summer but didn’t last summer, it started in November and screwed everything up.

    I agree, the Tan Man has got to go. He’s trying to be all “fierce” like Christian was last season, and he is just NOT.

    I loved the yellow dress, but agree that the whole using the tablecloth route was really just cheating. But I agreed with Nina, it was executed brilliantly.

    I like Daniel, the guy who made the cup dress. And the girl who won, but I can’t remember her name right now.

    My best friend and I went with our kids in the Spring to see Tim Gunn, he was so nice. Exactly like he is on tv. And just the best, we love him. I think I was the only one there dragging a baby along with me, I actually had to step away at one point and go into a dressing room and feed him (the show was at Macys). I have pictures somewhere on my blog. Of Tim, not me feeding the baby.

    I hope you’re feeling well and the exhaustion leaves soon! Congratulations again.

    PS Shear Genius is a good show also! Not as good as last season, when Sally Hirschberger was on, but still good. Jaclyn Smith is the host.

    PSS My husband watches all those shows with me, too. 🙂

  8. I love PR! I’ve watched ALL 5 seasons and still can’t get enough. I agree with you about the first challenge being a little tough. I guess they wanted to weed out the weak ones from the get go.

    Carry on!

  9. I have long thought that Tim Gunn and I would be best friends, if only he realized that his life was missing me.

    Which makes me want to share…I think one of the best dinner parties ever would have to include Tim Gunn, Rush Limbaugh and Alex Trebek. Can you imagine all the fun conversations? Oh man, that’s my idea of Heaven.

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