Happiness = Good Music

Yesterday I turned on the radio, and this song was playing.  Such a great summertime fun song.  Gotta love XPN.  It immediately brought a smile to my face, with memories of my college days and fun times just being young.  Ahh, back when I had nothing better to spend my money or time on than going out, kicking a few back, and listening to some sweet live music.  Bill & I even made sure this song was played at our wedding… 😀

They say that the sense of smell is most highly linked to memory, but I think music has got to be a close second.  So it got me wondering, what song(s) bring back happy memories for you? 


7 Responses

  1. I base my life on music. Certain songs always remind me of certain times and people, situations, etc. Music is very powerful, I think, more than smell.

  2. Where to begin…Something like Supertramp (Breakfast in America) or The Cars Greatest Hits take me back to elementary school…Pearl Jam (Ten) and Nirvana (Nevermind) jet me out to HS…Heck, even something as wonderful as Vanilla Ice….

  3. Every time I hear that song that we danced our first dance as a married a couple brings me back to that moment.

    What was the song again?

  4. “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N Roses. I used to listen to it before every field hockey & lacrosse game at SJU. It brings me back to Hawk Hill, brings back all the good friends & most off brings back the ATTITUDE! I love that song!

  5. I once wrote a paper about The Power of Music. After my sophomore year of college I worked at an amusement park (for a month–that’s all I could take). They had a loop of music that played throughout the day, and I think it was about four hours long. Twenty years later, I’m still transported back to my days of collecting money that people pulled out of their shoes when I hear Van Morrison’s Domino, Paula Abdul’s Straight up, or Axel F.

    Yes, it was the 80s. Can you tell?

  6. my list goes on and on with gems.. but I guess that’s a good thing that I have so many happy associations.

    CLASSIC get-happy song ffor me is Rob Base and DJ easy rock with “it takes two”. this song alone has been linked to SEVERAL good memories for me.

    I just posted something similar about music and mix tapes at my place; I’d love to hear what you’d put on yours…

  7. It is so true that music can transport your soul. I was having one of those days…thinking back to my life before kids today and found your blog. I laughed when I saw your G Love post as I too have many fond college memories of this song. I am hesitant to admit that Rump Shaker (Wrex N Effex) is a song that makes me reminisce about the days when I only had to worry about myself…

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