To Do List

Not much to report so far this week, other than projects that are due on Friday.  This is what’s on deck:

  1. Finish inside details of Jedi robe.
  2. Alter shirt.
  3. Make baby gift: blanket, bib, shirt.
  4. Make b-day gift: tote bag?
  5. Make shirt for me  😀
  6. Decorate kids’ wagon & bikes for 4th of July parade.
  7. Make Antipasto Salad for 4th of July picnic.
  8. Shop for ingredients for Antipasto Salad for 4th of July picnic.
  9. Tag baby blankets.

Let’s see, today is Wednesday, this stuff needs to be done by Friday, 1pm, that means I need to accomplish 3.6 tasks per day (with Friday being only a half day), not including squeezing in playdates and a Doctor’s appointment tomorrow.  It might help if my body didn’t seem so immune to caffeine today…

I am very excited at the prospect of making something for myself, which almost never happens.  I had the pleasure of going fabric shopping the other day, & scored some good deals at Joann’s.  I’ll be sure to share when it’s finished. 

An enormous thank you to everyone who has ordered handmade items from me over the past few months.  Unfortunately, I won’t be taking on any more special requests for a while… otherwise, I’ll never get my shop updated.  If you’ve already ordered something, don’t worry, it will get done.  I’m hoping to have a bunch of priced-to-sell, ready to ship items so that I can make a dent in this fabric stash & start on some fall items.  I’ll make an announcement when I’ve started listing them on Etsy.  In the meantime, have a fabulous day!



3 Responses

  1. You have a fabulous day, too! 🙂

    You’ll post photos of what you make for yourself, won’t you?

  2. What about curtains for all the windows. The Neighbors are getting too much of an eyefull with me walking around in my underwear.

  3. Sounds like you are busy! Well snot! : ) I hadn’t ordered Kelsie’s shirt yet for her b’day. I guess I am too late. As I was clicking on your blog I thought about hoping over to Etsy and ordering it today. That’s ok. It can wait until after her b’day. : )

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