Family time

Some families read together, some ride bikes.  Still, others maybe play board games or sports.  We do those things, too, but when we’re really itchin’ for some fun we make…..




faux hawks



Nothin’ says family bonding like some shared product and spikey fun…




14 Responses

  1. Too cute. Mini rocker dudes.

  2. That’s awesome! I tried to do that to Buddy and he was quite adamant about NOT getting one.

    Kids… always spoiling my fun. 😉

  3. Lol. We do the same thing to my son…

  4. ah, good times.

    now you’re going to have to pony up for more hair products, they’re going to be addicted. i made the mistake of letting my boys use some of my shaving cream in the shower one, now I have to buy an extra can.


  5. Haha…Cute!

  6. sooo cute! i love wyatt’s smile in that picture.

    i cut the boys hair and i cut it in a style so that they can make it into the fauxhawk but most of the time they don’t oblige. isaac will (occasionally, but with a lot of whining) but ewan is absolutely ADAMANT that his hair stays flat as a board on his head. a strange little quirk he has.

    it does spoil my fun though. sigh.

  7. you are such a cool mom!!!
    your boys are *almost* as cute as my beloved nephews… 😉

  8. Was going to say exactly what gypsygrrl said. You are such a cool mom!

  9. Check out this movie:

  10. Oh such handsome boys 🙂

  11. Looks like Richard Blaise from Top Chef…

  12. Totally adorable!

  13. Hi Lauren…Hey Maxfield!!
    Love this photo.
    Hope you are having a great summer…see you in September.
    Mrs. Hachen

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