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Labor of Love

Here is what’s been keeping me busy for the past several weeks: 


This dress x7.   The request was for something simple and beachy, with a “Love SIC”  applique (Sea Isle City).  The fabric is an aqua batik with lots of color variations. It looks very water-like, and the print is reminiscent of coral.  I think it’s a color that will look good on all of the girls.  Here’s the back:



I thought I would get really SIC ( sorry, I couldn’t help myself ) of making the same thing over & over again 7 times, all at once, but I actually didn’t mind it, once all the fabric was cut ( In case you were wondering, I HATE cutting fabric ).  If things go smoothly today, they’ll be all done by tonight.  Keep your fingers crossed!  The only thing I’m disappointed with is the fact that since I forgot to order size labels in time, I was forced to make my own.  I tried the rubber stamp method, but despite heat setting for several minutes, they still weren’t completely waterproof.  Anyway, you can kinda see it at the bottom of this pic.  I think they look a little too homemade as opposed to handmade, but I’m going to try to work on them a bit more:


When I’m done this project, I might actually be able to work on a shop update. 



7 Responses

  1. Adorable!

    I’m always envious of people who can wear dresses like this without a good supportive bra!

  2. well, they are ages 4-8, so they hopefully still have a few years to go 🙂

  3. Love the previous comments! Very funny.
    The dresses don’t look the least ‘homemade’, they look desirably unique. Your labels look super!

  4. Oh good, I thought the dress was for a woman.

  5. Your dress(es) look great, and I do not think the size label looks ‘homemade’ at all. I love the colours.

  6. i would grab these off the rack without a second glance!! but wow, i thought they were for adults , until i read the comments 😀

    plus i think batik + sundresses always look good in the beach 🙂

  7. I am very grateful for you and for the dresses.

    How is the Luv SIC thong coming along?

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