For the wee ones…

Here’s part of a baby gift I’ve been working on, and also a little preview of what’s to come for the  babypotami once the shop updates (I promise I’ll have better photos):



I used Tracy Porter fabric for the applique, & hope to get more so I can make a matching set of pants.  I hope little JP likes it!


12 Responses

  1. Seriously…you did that this morning?

  2. Shhh…. I also gave it to him this morning– along with a taggy…. nothing like waiting until the last minute 🙂

  3. I see Bill’s impressed with your efficiency. Isn’t it funny what we learn from reading our spouses’ blogs? 🙂

    The shirt is adorable. Giraffses (as my niece would say) are my favorite animal.

  4. Oh, if only I had a baby to buy for! I love it!

  5. I very much enjoy your baby clothes! I’m an older mom and grandmother and I also make things for babies. I find your choices in colors and prints are so different, fun and lively. Mine are more traditional but I really like your style! It’s fun to see what the younger generation can do! Great job!!

  6. that is too cute!!! LOVE IT

  7. So sweet! You make such adorable stuff!

  8. That is SUPER CUTE! I would put it on my baby in a heartbeat!

  9. You are so talented! I would love to learn to sew. I have the phone number for a local sewing shop that gives lessons on my desk at work, but since I am also a procrastinator ….well you get the picture. :o)

    Would you recommend a newbie wannabe like me to get a new sewing machine or give the old one i inherited from my Nan a try? It is probably 25+ yrs old. eep!

    I think I have asked this before…..but do you make older kids/teens sized shirts?

    I would love to buy one of your bags when/if you put them on your etsy shop.

    oooh and I have a beautiful new baby niece (in Japan!) that wil need a sweet outfit from her family in Oklahoma, so I will place an order for a baby outfit for her. Maybe I’ll let my daughters choose. :o)

  10. Very cute applique!

  11. ooh this is just divine 😀 i have a thing for giraffes !! i was just drooling over giraffe tshirts @ Threadless.


  12. Holy Macanoni …this is the CUTEST shirt ever!!!

    I told you before how you inspire me
    I’ve been to the craft store a few times, looking at fabrics and such, and have only come out of there with a package once. What was it? A new length of cording for my Renn bodice. LOL
    Though I did look at it a few times, thinking maybe i could make myself a new one.

    Maybe I’ll start with a baby shirt for my little cousin, instead.

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