Is it better to give or to receive?

I’m not sure…. they say to give, of course, but yesterday we received our lunchbox from Marcia over at Blue Bobbin and I have to say, receiving definitely is fun!  I came home from dropping Max off at school, checked the mailbox, thought it was strange that it was empty, but was greeted by a surprise package (and the rest of the mail) on my doorstep.



As you can see, I basically got two bags out of the deal.  She did a beautiful job on both.  Also, there was a matching wallet for me, as well as one each for the boys (Max wants to know where the money is),  some animals for the boys, gummi care bears, a book with sidewalk chalk games, and some take-a-longs.  There was also a package of chocolate covered “birch branches” but, um…. they didn’t exactly last long enough to make it in the photo… What a great package- thanks Marcia- we can’t wait to use it!


3 Responses

  1. I’m so glad it arrived okay. I bet you can get the boys to do some chores for $ for in their wallets. (I love making those wallets.) The birtch bark pretzels are fun. I’m going to have to try my hand at making some one of these days. It would be a fun activity with the boys. I’ve also seen small pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate called porcupine quills. Sounds like more boy cooking. Have fun!

  2. Max was hitting me up for money as well.

  3. I had Marcia’s name and wow, I didn’t send her nearly so much. She did such a wonderful job. I love both the bags. How cool!!

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