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So, sometime over the next year, I’m very excited to be the recipient of a wonderful little something from Sarah C .  Sarah is super talented, and she did a stupendous job on our miniswap, so I can’t wait to see what she comes up with for this fun little exchange (although, please keep it small, Sarah, I know post from Down Under can be quite pricey!).

Would you like to recive a gift from me???

Three players will have a chance to get a surprise from me, on a surprise date, in the next 365 days. Here are the rules:

1.  Leave a comment on my blog that says you want to play. The first three folks to comment will get a gift from ME.   (If I don’t know it already, let me know how I can contact you, an e-mail is fine.)

2.  Do the same thing on your blog!  The first three commenters who commit to doing this on their blog, too, will get a surprise from YOU at a surprise time in the next 365 days!

Nothing in the rules says the special something you send has to be handmade, so don’t feel like you have to be particularly crafty to play along.

I love getting packages in the mail.  Doesn’t this sound like fun?

** Footnote:  I would like to add that if certain spouses happen to be among the first three to leave a comment, the gift is still up to the discretion of the giver, and special requests, (i.e. those of a sexual nature), are to be regarded only as such, and by no means an obligation on behalf of the giver. **


9 Responses

  1. That is the perfect disclaimer!

  2. I want something!! : )

    I will post this on my blog as well.

  3. blog site is not up yet, I had to shut it down due to unwanted ex-family visits, but I am starting a new site

    I want one!

  4. That is a really neat idea. I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago. I love it so far.

  5. Is there any chance I can get Bogart in P-towne to request a certian sumthin sumthin for me.

    Being he was first and all.

  6. I am unsure thatrequests are supposed to be taken – PIF is a gift from one to another out of kindness and generosity and is therefore up to the giver to choose what they give…LOL 🙂

  7. 😆 That is the perfect disclaimer.

  8. I am always late for the party!

  9. […] Sick of cupcakes yet? Posted on August 20, 2008 by gigglepotamus Hey, thanks to my purchasers of the cupcake pin cushions!  I hope to get some more listed by the end of this week- you guys rock!  Ok, so, I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed, but I am noticing a definite trend here….  This is part of what I sent to  Joanna, one of my Pay It Forward recipients: […]

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