Subtle I’m not…

Let me first start off by saying this is somewhat of a joke between me & my husband.

So, I’m not going to pretend that I don’t know Mother’s Day is coming up, and, lo and behold, I just happen to be a mother (no, this is NOT only half a word).  I’m also not going to pretend I don’t know that being that my kids are too young to have jobs and earn their own money, their dad will be taking them out shopping for a gift for me.  I’m not saying they should buy me a gift, I’m just saying I know it’s going to happen anyway.  Third, I’m also not going to pretend that my sweet and dutiful husband does not read this.  So, I just thought I’d help things along & provide a short list of ideas (no hints here).  Aren’t I nice?  Plus, this is all stuff I will just eventually end up buying anyway.

I guess one of the things at the top of my list would be this book:

The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule.  The buzz about this book is all over the place, and you can get a signed copy from the author here.  With summer coming, and Max being done school for a while, we’ll need some extra ideas for activities to keep us busy. 


Next, I’ve had my eye on this:


Can be purchased here.   Since I’m a self-taught sewer ( I don’t dare call myself a seamstress), I would like to be able to design stuff without relying on store-bought patterns all the time.  I do tend to alter almost every pattern I use, but I would still like to have a little more creative freedom.   Again, this book seems to have gotten pretty good reviews.


Next, I spotted something like this at Joann’s recently:

Or, this would do, too:


Since organization is not my strong point, I can use all the help I can get.  Actually, I could stand to use the services of a full-on professional organizer, both for my studio and the rest of the house, but hey, I could also use a million bucks, too. 

And finally, since we can’t have all work and no fun:

I think these are so cute!  And since there’s a BOGO sale right now, why not add these, as well:

 Since I shudder every time I look at my exposed feet, I guess a pedicure would also be in order…


Seriously, I don’t expect to get all this stuff- that would just be ridiculous! 🙂  I mean, Mother’s Day isn’t really about the gifts, it’s about worshipping the ground on which all the hardworking, tireless mothers of the world walk.  Just kidding!  (not really, but you know what I mean).  And if that comes in the form of a homemade card & macaroni necklace, consider my day made. 


12 Responses

  1. I think I may need to steal this idea…my birthday is coming up and there are some cool things out there.

    That is all I am saying.

  2. Note to self. Buy Macaroni and some construction paper.

  3. This does indeed seem like a good idea, although my husband lately does not seem to be interested enough to read my blog. He’s too busy with his own!

  4. Lucky you, at least your husband does read yours! I wished that I could get mine to read mine on more then those occasions then I stick him in front of it and point out something I want him to read! HA!

  5. I hope you get everything!! You are a great mom who deserves it all – and the macaroni necklace!

    (BTW, those of us who sew are considered “sewists”, not “sewers”, just to clarify!)

  6. I guess a sewer is not a good thing to be, even if I do sometimes have a potty mouth…

  7. Oh I totally want that bobbin ring. I hope it comes in other pretty colors. Even though I have a bobbin case it certainly isn’t ring shaped, and that’s what makes it cool. Thanks for the idea. Hey Lauren, not to sound creepy or anything, but let’s be friends!

  8. TOO Funny!!!! I think I would love to steal this idea but my hubby rarely reads my blog 😦 we rate in the lesser half of his priority list…..
    I gave Bronte $6 for the school mother’s day stall which I spent hours of of time making stuff for and whilst I was not wanting anything I had made she bought me a 50c bookmark MMMM I wonder if she wanted the change – I guess her thought was that I read lots of books so a bookmark would be perfect and of course it is…..

  9. Thought I would pass along one other thing for your list…The 5 Ingredient, 15 Minute Cookbook…you can find it at Barnes and Noble.

    Thought it went well with your April 30th post.

  10. I saw a woman on the subway wearing the second pair of shoes, but I couldn’t see the brand. I’m always on the look out for comfortable commuting shoes.

    I really didn’t take care of my feet this winter and also cringe when I look at them.

  11. Honestly, this post makes me want to start my own blog if for only selfish reasons. This was an AWESOME and HILARIOUS idea! Beats cutting pictures out of the Brighton catalog and sticking them on the fridge…though that did have a huge return @ x-mas.

  12. I did the same thing for Christmas and you know what? I was very pleased with the results! My husband and daughters got me a lot of the things on the list and then some. :o) Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do!

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