Lunch box fillin’s

Here are the contents of the lunchbag I’m mailing today for the swap:

A mini salt shaker, felt fortune cookies, the matching placemat, and a little tin with some gummy cherries.  The fortune cookies were so fun & easy to make, I used this pattern from CraftSanity.  Even if you don’t have a sewing machine, you could easily hand stitch them very quickly.  I got a little take out box to package them, and they all have little fabric messages inside which say stuff like,  “Lunch is in your future”. 

Fun! Off to the post office I go.  Have a great weekend everybody.


6 Responses

  1. SO cute! I’m lovin’ your picnic scene.

  2. Lauren you are inspiring! I downloaded the pattern and I’m gonna make one for fun. I am nervous and excited. Okay, I am terrified. Obviously I take my projects a little too seriously. Ha! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

  3. I wish I could create things like that. Sure, then my buddies would laugh at me and poke me with sticks, but I would still be creative!

  4. I just got the package today and I LOVE IT! It goes without saying that anything with cherries I love. I’m all over the retro 50’s cherry scene. Thank you SO much!

    And the fortune cookies? So clever!

  5. The whole package looks great, but the fortune cookies are irresistible.

  6. Your lunch box stuff that you made is ssssoooo cute!! I love the chinese take out box and fortunate cookies that you added in to your gorgeous lunchbox!!!

    Your boys are to cute!! I have six boys, aren’t they fun!!

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